The most expensive cilantro ever


Today I was in the neighborhood of Whole Foods so I dropped in quickly to grab some cilantro for tonight’s dinner.  It was apparent that the entire store was being completely re-arranged, so I thought I might as well take a quick spin through and check out the new layout.  In the cereal aisle, I quickly noticed they had coupons for my favorite cereal so I grabbed a few boxes.  Next to it, I noticed there was a “last chance” sale on Gluten Free cereal I’ve never tried before.  Less than $2/box for GF cereal??? Craziness, so I grabbed three boxes.

Then I thought to myself, I wonder what else they might be clearing out? 30 minutes later I had the cart filled with GF shortbread cookies, and chocolate chip cookies, and oatmeal cookies, and gingerbread cookies, and another kind of chocolate cookie, and a brownie mix, and a cake mix….and three pizzas, among other goodies. Can you tell I was shopping hungry?

It does get old sometimes, watching everyone else enjoy treats that I can’t have, or that i have to pay $6/box for.  For the most part, we try not to have junk in the house.  Heck, the kids ate brussels sprouts and eggplant soup in the past week. But sometimes, you just need an oreo.  Or in my case, a kinnikinic k-too.  Yep, that’s what they’re called.

So in review, I went to Whole Food to get cilantro and spent $80 on Gluten-Free junk food.

In completely unrelated news, I was at the dentist yesterday and I do in fact have another cavity despite my meticulous oral hygiene regimen over the past 6 months.  I can’t even begin to imagine why.


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  1. You are not the only going hog-wild when you see a BARGAIN.
    We did the same at Pamida, which is going to swith to SHOPGO.
    The discount on some things were so tempting – $128.
    Then next day another $40.

  2. I have us on a strict, cash envelope grocery budget, and unfortunately have replaced my Whole Foods trips with shopping at Wal-mart (yuck). We’re ready for a splurge on produce at WF, since the budget is working out pretty well. And I miss WF’s granola aisle!!

  3. WF’s re-arranging is all a scheme to get people to buy more:) I did that exact same thing last week! I kept finding all these delicious products I didn’t know they carried, since I didn’t know where anything was and had to search. In the end, I took a few things back, like some organic corn chips and cheetos, but I definitely spent way more than I intended!

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