Breaking for Life


I really love sewing, and quilting, and buying fabrics.  It’s been a bright spot in a hard few years, I escape up to my sewing room and immerse myself in a project.  Or, I snuggle in for a nap surrounded by my little treasures.  It makes me happy.

But lately, a wonderful thing has been happening.  I’ve been too busy enjoying life and feeling good to find much time to sew.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a huge, HUGE mental list of projects to work on, but nothing can beat being outside on a gorgeous evening, visiting with friends and family while the kids play in the backyard and Craig grills us the perfect summer dinner.  Or planting our seeds and vegetable sprouts in our community garden plot (even if we did happen to plant them in the wrong plot, oops).  Or, grabbing a healthy lunch at Whole Foods followed by a SPA DAY with a facial, massage, manicure, pedicure, and steam shower.  Ah, that was nice.

I haven’t been blogging much either, so sorry about that The nest time I’m bored, I need to photograph our chubby little booger wearing the cute new clothes I have made her.  I’m proud, I’m starting to get the hang of garment making and even make her a sweet little sundress without a pattern.  (This doesn’t all really count as sewing time, as I wasn’t quilting.  Okay, I did make another swoon block. But still, not really doing any new quilts.)

And to close, some pictures from March..

"Helping" make a smoothie

Doesn't everyone eat mangos like this?

Devan's last Happy Feet practice for the season

Paying close attention to coach Kevin

Devan loves to mow!

Leah playing with some of her Mommy's baby toys

Leah and Baby Dear

Devan and Bear

Feels like summer!


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