Rough start to the morning, so I am hanging out at home drinking tea and waiting to feel a little better so I can go in to work.  In the meantime, I’ve been a very lazy and absent blogger, so how about I continue the trend by posting a bunch of photos and calling it good for the week? Alright then.

This, my friends, is the life.

Jenny came to visit and Devan took it upon himself to give her a personal tour of our yard. Like mother, like son.

Debbie and the kiddos. So thankful for her loving care the past three years!

Cousin Jessica and Annabelle came to visit for the weekend, so we took them to Deanna Rose. Annabelle loved the animals.


Annabelle is two. Devan is four and a half.

Annabelle and the baby goats

Easter Egg hunt in the rain Saturday morning.

The girls ate all of their candy in about 5 minutes flat.

Our little Easter Bunny

What a smile.

Happy Easter!

Photo dump


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  1. You made my day-I worked a 10 hr day w/ a 15 min lunch, then just finished putting in almost 2 more hrs at home(you know those overpaid teachers) and was grumpy and decided to check weather and blog. Now I am MUCH cheerier after seeing all the adorable photos:) Hope you had a better middle and end to your day than your start. Love, mamamarj

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