Golden Ticket City


We took the kids to Silver Dollar City this weekend (which while he was three, Devan referred to as the Golden Ticket City), currently their most favorite place on earth.  To make the weekend even sweeter,they were surprised when they arrived to see their friends from Kansas City waiting for them at the hotel.  Amy and I arranged for us to share a a unit on Indian Point and the kids had a blast.  Jamie and Devan are 7 months apart, and Leah and Elaine are 6 weeks apart.  The entire weekend was a jumble of kids and parents, but for a posse of 8, everything went very smoothly.  The adults were able to go on rides the kids were able to go on rides, and Leah only had four blow-outs.

Okay, so that part didn’t go so well as I ran out of spare pants but I rectified the situation by buying her a giant t-shirt that covered up her grody leggings.  Truth be told, I already had the t-shirt purchased before the fourth blow-out, and I happened to grab the wrong size shirt, but I’m going to go ahead and claim it is smart thinking/good parenting.

The weather held out for us until late Sunday afternoon.  After waiting on the storm to hit all morning so it would pass over while we were at the park, we finally decided at 2:00pm to head home and were hit by a deluge right as we boarded the shuttle to ride out to the parking lot.  And we got soaked.  And I mean SOAKED.  Nothing like being soaking wet for a four hour drive home!  I had packed ponchos, rain coats, and umbrellas for everyone and had been schlepping them around for two full days yet somehow we didn’t use a single thing the one time we really needed it. Good thing a little water never hurt anyone.

I was awful about taking pictures but here are a few…

Leah, happy to smile for the camera.

Leah loved the spitting water, and more than once was blasted in the face and laughed hysterically. She had quite the audience after a few minutes, all enjoyed watching her pure joy at the surprise of the water.

Devan was not so thrilled to be the one soaked by the river ride so a trip to the dryer was in order.

The Saloon Show was apparently not very exciting for Leah.

The kids loved the old tractor/wood cutting. We were treated to a 15 minute story of how it came to be at the park and Devan listed very well, it was fascinating!

Everyone enjoyed the lake, and the girls tossed in rocks for an hour. Leah decided to go wading right in with her shoes and jeans on.

Showing off their treasure from the lake.

Somehow, I don’t have any pictures of the girls together which is too bad, they were cuties. Trust me that Elaine was there, and she was a total sweetie!  I even was able to snuggle with her one night and I was reminded that there are few things in life more enjoyable that having a young child snuggle up in your lap.  Add in some salt water taffy, a few roller coasters, and a bunch of gluten free meals, a side trip to the best fabric store ever (thanks Stephanie!!), a cooler full of Osceola cheese and it was a great weekend.  Can’t wait to go back for a full week in May!


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