Three things


Have you ever bought a pair of shoes for your child, brought them home so that he could try them on, only the have them vanish into thin air the very next day? We are perplexed. There are three of us who have turned the house upside down looking for them the past month, and if the fourth one knows anything about their location, she’s keeping her lips sealed. Our house is big and stuffed full of stuff, but still, it just seems odd. Of course, we’ve also misplaced a 6′ long table as well so perhaps a pair of shoes vaporizing shouldn’t be a suprise. I finally broke down and bought him a replacement pair, therefor guaranteeing the first pair will show up here sometime in the next week. Yep, we are mystified.

Since I told you about Devan, the follow up news is that they really don’t have any idea at all what is going on. They will continue to follow him and check his pee when we are in. Everything looked normal Saturday, which was a huge relief. We can’t quite dismiss it as a fluke, but we don’t really need to do anything else at this point either. So that is a huge answer to prayers! I just am not up for another ‘situation’ at this point in my life. Give me a few more months break, Lord!

Lastly, I am on week three of my Bernina Mastery Class. I am now the master of my machine. I can sew button-holes, and embroider, and blind hem, and I know what every single button on my machine actually does. Watch out world, I’m about to make some devastatingly cute clothes for Leah. Just as soon as I buy all those fancy new feet I’ve learned about. How can I live without a ruffler? Are you reading this Craig? Now that I’m machine educated, I need some more feet! And then I’ll be happy, I promise! And a rolling case for my machine too, but seriously, that’s it. Oh wait, I do need that special thread to embroider. And probably that circle attachment as well. Well, and that new bobbin case for my elastic thread, and some fabric, and some buttons, and some ric rac, and etc, etc, etc, etc….


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