Sewing for Leah


It’s high time I shared some pictures of the clothes I have been sewing lately, but unfortunately I am currently under contract negotiations with my model, who has refused to have her hair styled for the photo-shoot.  So far I have been unable to draw up acceptable terms and we are at a bit of a standstill. Showing off clothing without a model is a little bit tough, but I’m going to give it a try on two items, and hopefully will show you the third someday, as it looks like a sad pile of ruffles without a chubby body to fill it out.

Back in January, my friend Claire sent me a sweet surprise that involved fabric for sewing projects.  My quilt stash is getting out of hand, so I immediately knew I would pick out some fabric to make Leah sundresses and tops for this summer.  I bought larger cuts and nicer fabric than I usually go for and have had so much fun trying out some new things.

First up, a sweet shirred halter sundress made of the most gorgeous voile by Anna Maria Horner.  I’m not exaggerating a bit here, Anna Maria has fabulous voile.  It is so soft and breezy and the colors are amazing. I didn’t use a pattern for this dress, I guessed on the length using her other clothing as a guide, and I doubled her chest measurement to give room for the shirring.  I added some spaghetti straps and it was done.  Quick, easy, and it looks so sweet on Leah.  I guess you’ll have to trust me on that one.

The next thing I finished was a summer top.  I used Amy Butler’s Lark for this one, and a pattern that I bought from Etsy called the Maya Top.  I made Leah a top from this pattern before, using a nine month size but I forgot to pre-shrink the fabric and one wash it turned into about a 0-3M size.  This time, I pre-shrunk the fabric. I used my elastic thread at the neck but left the arms and bodice alone.  The entire top took maybe two hours max and Leah has worn it multiple times already.  It’s super simple and looks fabulous with dark jeans.  Truthfully, I’m wishing I had enough fabric to make an adult sized top as I really love how it looks on her.

Next up, I have a birthday outfit to sew for Leah that is going to involve some ruffles and bows, and maybe even some piping.  Time to put my mastery skills to the test!  And Devan has pointed out that now that I’ve learned how to really sew, I can make some church pants for him.  I’m pretty sure I could make him some pajama pants, but I’m not sure I am to the church pants level yet so I haven’t made any promises!


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  1. They both look beautiful Elizabeth! Its all very impressive! Can’t wait to see the third item when your model is in a more cooperative mood 🙂

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