Got one.


You know how runners love running so much that they feel like everyone else should do it as well to experience the joy?  All the runners I know are like that.  Sorry runner friends, I’m not taking up running any time soon. But I know how they feel because that is how I feel about quilting.  As soon as I made my first quilt, I knew it would be my lifelong hobby. I love everything about it in such a passionate way and it became my mission to tell the world and everyone I know who owned a sewing machine that they could and should quilt too.  Those first  years, I met with limited success. Okay, no success at all.  It helped so much when the Modern Quilt Guild formed in Kansas City and I found many kindred spirits who knew what it was like to spend every waking minute obsessing over patterns and fabric and color, but it wasn’t the same as convincing someone myself.

But the past few months, something wonderful has happened.  I did it.  I successfully persuaded a friend that quilting is the most wonderful thing on earth and now? Now I have someone to talk fabric and techniques with.  Someone who gets the obsession and is now completely and totally obsessed herself.  I should have targeted her from the beginning, we share a love of all things wonderful- good design, peonies, radiohead, drawing, and we would share a love for fabulous desserts if only I weren’t gluten free. 

I can’t tell you have much fun it has been to watch Stephanie catch the quilting bug.  She has a new etsy store and a design blog, be sure to check them out.  I have friend who is now a fellow quilter, how awesome.

Who’s next?


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  1. Maybe when I retire I will possibly consider giving it a try! But I don’t know if I could deal with my daughter being better than me at sewing! mamamarj

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