Things I know to be true


(Disclaimer: just because I know them to be true, does not necessarily mean that they are true.)

1. In a family with two children, only one child can behave at a time. 

2. We are busiest at work over the winter holidays, when the weather is breathtakingly gorgeous, and whenever I would like to take vacation.

3.  Despite my best attempts at polite education, everyone still believes I am outside all day putting plants in the ground.  To be fair, I don’t have a clue what most other people do either.

4. Craig’s job is boring. At least to me.

5. Today’s PG movies are the PG-13’s of my childhood. 

6. Spud of Bob the Builder is the most annoying tv character in the history of tv characters.

7. I spend too much money on fabric.  It is a true addiction.

8.  I do need more fabric.

9. Craig and I need a date, badly.  Still waiting to make up our anniversary (Jan 3rd.) 

10. My cousin Jo believes Jeep strollers suck and Mazda’s are good cars to buy.  I respectfully disagree, our Jeep stroller is awesome and our Mazda is a POS.  Don’t tell her I said that.

11. I have forgotten what it is really like to have a newborn.  This must be nature’s way of tricking women into further procreation.

12. Rest assured, when I get baby fever, we will be getting a dog.  Or a fish.  End of story.

13. Thirteen is not an unlucky number for me.

14.  I should get back to grading this site for the bazillonth time instead of writing this stupid post.

15. Bazillionth is not a word, and if I really have to be truthful, it’s only about the seventh try grading this flat-as-a -pancake site. 

16. If you are the only house in the neighborhood without a dog, all of the rabbits will live in your yard.

17.  The postman only comes early when you haven’t put out your Netflix yet.  Otherwise, 5:30pm.

18. From May-December, all of the days are actually compressed and the last 7 months of the year will pass by quickly than the first 5.  This IS true, believe me.

19.  If I want to buy more fabric, I need to work more hours to pay for it.  Therefore, I need to stop blathering on about nonsense and get back to work.

20. I want to buy more fabric.





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  1. Ha. You’re awesome. I like this post. I’m okay on disagreeing about the strollers and the cars. We agree on other things…like that your kids are dang cute and you need more fabric. 🙂

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