More Sewing for Leah


First off, I have a picture of Leah in the dress I made her. She loves it, and it really does look sweet on her. We never made it to church by the way, but we came close.  Not sure that counts for much.

Doesn’t it look like they love each other?


Because the moon and the stars have aligned, I have pictures of the other two projects that I wanted to share.

First up is a dress/halter top with loads of ruffles.  I bought the fabric at Joann’s for $2/yard and the pattern is from a book, “Little Girls, Big Style” by Mary Abreu. The clothes are definitely frilly, but Leah seems to like that.  She was very proud to show off her dress and whenever anyone commented on it she proudly patted and her dress and said “Mom!”  Aw, it’s pretty heart-warming that she is giving me credit.  Love that girl so much!

The second dress was inspired by a super soft t-shirt I found at the Gap Outlet for $4.  It was a men’s XXL and I figured I could find a way to make it into something for Leah.  I cut out the shirt in a t-shirt dress shape, using another dress as a guide, and saved the original neckline.  I used a blind hem stitch for the bottom hem (thank you Bernina Mastery Class!) and then freezer paper stenciled the heart.

Not terrible for my first blind hem on knits!

It was quick and easy, and so cute if I do say so myself.  I think I’m addicted to sewing for her, she seems to love everything I make her and I won’t lie, the compliments when we are out and about aren’t half bad either.  How long do I have until she have her own ideas about what to wear? Not long enough, so I better stay busy while I can!


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  1. If it wasn’t so late I’d call you! You make your mama totally proud–so cute and creative:) I know your grandmothers are smiling too! love, mamamarj

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