The crazy week


A lot has happened in the past week, its just been nuts.  As the news spread that I am leaving my job, I was flooded by supportive messages and e-mails, and I’m just now finished with replying to everyone.  The unanimous consensus seems to be that this was a good move.  Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot! This is a tough thing for me, but I know the rewards are many.

So, Thursday I was able to meet one of my quilting idols, Denyse Schmidt.  Not only that, I was able to ask her questions.  AND, I was a dork and asked to take my picture with her. Image

You can bet I’m printing this one our for my sewing room wall.  I LOVE her new book, I love her fabrics, and she was so incredibly nice.  Thursday was fun.

Friday, I spent a few hours at the doctors getting another rhuematology panel, switching out medications, and getting four steroid shots in my elbows. My left hand was numb for over an hour. That was not fun.  But, the shots made a huge difference in my pain level and I felt like a new person on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the medication changes are causing some massive insomnia but hopefully that will be short-lived.  Instead of treating muscle pain, we are trying meds geared for joint and nerve pain. They do seem to be taking the edge off and I’m hopeful this nasty flare is going to start to fade.

Saturday I was in a fabulous mood and thought the perfect thing to do with my new elbows is to work on quilting.  Might as well get my use out of them right?  Well, I am actually starting to learn a bit about pacing myself and made myself quit before anything started to hurt.  Pacing is a good skill to have.  I’m working on it.

Saturday night was FABULOUS as International Quilt Market was in KC this year and all of us in the KCMQG got to spend the evening sharing company with designers, shop owners, and famous bloggers at the Modern Meet-up.  And, I came home with a bunch of swag. You can’t beat that, and now I am super pumped for QuiltCon in Austin next year. I stood in the same room as Amy Butler.  I did not say hi, I was too star-struck.

Sunday, following church was headed off to Garmin’s Worlds of Fun day, where the entire park is reserved for Garmin employees and thousands of their closet friends.  For the first time in years, it did not rain nor was it freezing cold, nor was I pregnant.  Plus, the kids behaved.  We had a lot more fun than either Craig or I expected and discovered that little Leah is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to rides.  She went on EVERYTHING and loved to put her little arms in the air and yell “Yay!” like all the big kids were doing. We could hardly pry her off the roller coaster.  It was a blast.


High in the air spinning around at top speeds? Bring it on!


This ride was a little tame, even for Mom.

And whew, am I tired.  You could chalk that up to emotional stress, or physical exhaustion, or the fact that I don’t fall asleep until 2am. Who knows, but I know I am ready for that nice vacation next week at Big Cedar.  My last day of work is tomorrow, and I am dreading it. In fact, I’m still home typing this blog post because I don’t want to face the task of cleaning out my space and files. This is really happening, I really left my job.  It is starting to seem very real.


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