Summer Begins


I’m so behind on blogging and the thought of trying to catch up on everything is daunting so for now, I won’t.  The short of it is that I survived my last day of work without crying (barely), survived the first days of staying at home without crying (barely), and had a fabulous and much needed vacation in the Ozarks with family.  The kids weren’t fabulous the entire time, but they were good enough. The highlight for me was an afternoon on the lake, and jumping off of a cliff that looked a lot higher from the top than it did from the boat.  My pictures aren’t too great as I spent more time enjoying myself than documenting it. I may or may not return to post pictures, I don’t have much motivation as it’s a pain in the rear through wordpress, no one really cares, and those that do care are probably on Facebook.  So actually, I’m not bothering with pictures.  There, that was easy enough.

I have a few things to recommend for other Kansas Citians this summer.  I’m not a Mom who enjoys taking her kids to the kiddie events, but there are some favorite activities that I look forward to.

1. The Berry Patch in Louisburg.  Go pick some blueberries, now!  The bushes are loaded this year, they taste fabulous, and they are only $3/lb or something like that.  Eat a few pounds on the way home, and freeze the rest for yummy smoothies.

2. Whole Foods on Metcalf, Monday’s at noon.  $5 lunch plates with freshly prepared organic food.  Today I had gluten free eggplant lasagna, salad with fresh fruit vinaigrette, and a lemony custard with fresh blueberries.  I’ve taken advantage of this deal four times now and have yet to be disappointed.  The kids enjoy eating random things from the salad bar. Maybe I’ll see you there and we can eat together.  Good stuff.

3. Marty Pool.  Yes, I shared this last year but it’s pool season now and there may be some of you out there that didn’t have kiddos last year.  This is the best pool for kids without a doubt.  We’ve bought our season passes and would literally live there if only they opened earlier.

4.  Our back deck.   Yes, it is a Kansas City hot spot.  We have water fun and plenty of sun, a grill, and lots of seating with a great view of beautiful flowers and this year, we’ve been treated with a momma Robin raising two (batches?) of baby birds in a nest right on our deck light.  We literally watched the babies hatch and she will feed them while we are standing under the nest. Our deck a great place to hang out, you should come over.

Bring some gluten free beer.


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  1. Hi Elizabeth, I just want you to know that I am following your wonderful blogs that you write! You have such a wonderful talent that you put into words. Mom loved your blog and they brought her so much joy! You continue to touch so many with your words,humor, and journey of life! The ups and downs you share with us all. The blog you wrote about Mom was very special. Is there any way you can e-mail that tribute to me? Aunt Lesta read it last week when she was here in Wellington and is asking about it too! Love, Aunt Maria

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