I’m getting behind, this staying at home is sapping my energy.  But I’m still loving it, so that is good.  We finished Devan’s first week of swimming lessons, have visited the farmers market, picked more berries with Grandpa Nelson, more sewing with Grandma Pritz, and have been busy gardening at the community garden.  Next week I plan to hit the pools so more, and the library, and I’m teaching preschool art at VBS.  What’s not to love about this?  The kids seem pretty happy too.  So do forgive me when I am slow to blog, I’ll figure it out the balance eventually!

You’ve probably seen this quilt for a few weeks now in my flickr images sidebar, so no big reveal.  This fun and happy quilt was for baby Knox, who arrived mid-May.  We were able to go meet him (and he is cuuuute) and deliver the quilt in person, so that is something I treasure.  Knox’s mama likes bright colors and I wish I had more primary colors to have made a quilt to match his Dr. Seuss nursery.  But I couldn’t come up with anything I was happy with so I went in a different direction.  Some simple wonky stripes in fun bright colors with white (always a good choice when spit up may be involved) and a bright stripey backing.

Craig suggested I quilt only in the white areas to make the colored stripes stand out.  A quarter of the way in, I was really annoyed with him and thought it was going to look awful.  But after it was washed, I have to admit that it was a good suggestion.  He’s full of those sometimes, it can be annoying.

I love my little quilt holder, even if he is a few inches short!

I spelled his name right!

I have a backlog of projects to share, we’ll see how long it takes me to get caught up!


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