Another quilt, and guess what? We are keeping this one! It’s a simple patchwork, three charm packs of ‘Reunion’ by Sweetwater, along with three prints that I added for some visual punch.  It just needed some turquoise! I decided to try something new and tied this one with red yard, and I just love the way it looks.  I intend for this to be the quilt we picnic on, we throw in the car and drag out for this and that, the one we cuddle under on the deck.  Basically, I picture this quilt getting used and loved and worn out until it is threadbare.  Simple, but I love it.

Of course, trying to get a picture of the quilt without tiny people in it was a challenging matter.  As soon as the camera came out they both start saying ‘cheese’! and inserting themselves into the picture.  So, this would be why the quilt is so wrinkled.  You win some, you lose some!

But really, who could be annoyed with these sweet faces?

The backing is a print I found at FM and I bought 5 yards of it.  Turns out 3 would have been just fine, but I’m never one to measure and at the time I didn’t know how big I would end up making the quilt.  The are worse problems to have than extra fabric!


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  1. What I really like is that it looks like something my grandma would have made many years ago – very retro and nostalgic but with a modern touch due to your fabric choices. Love it.

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