More of the Crazy


We had a good Independence Day, we all enjoy blowing things up which is why we travel down to the folks where such activities are legal.  Leah wasn’t phased one bit by the noise and seemed to enjoy the show. Devan was really into it, right up until a mortar exploded over where half of us were sitting.  Literally, 2 feet above everyone’s heads.  It was amazing that no one was burned and after that, he wanted to watch from inside the house and I can’t say I blame him.  The poor kid attracts accidents.

And then yesterday, for the second time in my short little life, I experienced a total system shut-down and found myself laying on the floor of the bathroom in grossly inadequate clothing while a bunch of firemen stood over me and did my vitals.  Let’s just say if Devan ever wants to tour a fire station, we will be traveling out of the county just to be safe.  Who wants to talk about that though? Not me.  Sigh.

How about something fun? I talked Mom into taking a quilt class with me in hopes of converting her to my craft.  I can’t say I met with any success there, but it was neat to work on this pattern together and her finished quilt top is super pretty.  I dislike sharing my WIP’s until they are completely complete, but I have no plans to gift this quilt (yet) so I suppose it can’t hurt to give a little sneak peek!

The pattern is Crosshatch by Empty Bobbin Studios.  Mom thought it was challenging for a first quilt and I agree but her points match up so well! I’ll share more pictures when they are quilted but that might be a ways in the future and I was eager to share.



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