So the little incident with the fireman and the ambulance provided a kick in the pants to get my heiny back in to the doctors and look at the next step. I’ve avoided it since they did exactly what I thought they would do- put me on an elimination diet.  I can eat grass and drink water.  Not really, but I do have to cut out diary (this means butter and chocolate, sob!), gluten (done.), corn, tomatoes (I’m sort of ignoring this one, don’t tell.) eggs, red meat, soy, and refined sugar.  I’m also doing a little “detox” which isn’t so bad considering the nutritional shakes taste like chocolate.  Surprisingly, I’ve had the willpower to see this through so far. I suppose I’ve already learned you can give up your favorite foods and still have a good life.  Guess I can do it again.  All of it isn’t forever, though everyone I’ve seen seems to think dairy/casein is the root cause of the inflammation and every other thing wrong with me lately.  I suspect this might true, and if it turns out to be true I may need a slight pity party as my diet narrows again.  But if it rids me of this awful pain and nasty headaches and stomach problems and fatigue and etc., etc., then I will do it, and I will do it happily.  Eventually.

In the meantime other exciting things have been happening.  Such as, I’m another year older.  Okay, that really wasn’t all that exciting.  I went grocery shopping and received zero presents.  Devan was completely uninterested in even making a card and Craig claims my gift is in the mail.  Sure it is.  Of course, he never gets anything good from me so I can’t give him too hard of a time.   And now I can’t have cake OR ice cream so what is the point, really? (Oopsie, complaining about that diet again.) Well, let’s hope this next year is less eventful that the last one.  That has been my wish for the last few years! A nice, boring, uneventful year.  And in case you are worried that I had a bad birthday, I totally didn’t.  It was fabulous and we are going to get the chance to celebrate with a few dinners this week.  I like to string out the celebration for a full week and act like a diva around the house.

Now for something TRULY exciting- I am opening an Etsy shop!  In two weeks, if everything comes together.  I’ve been sewing like a mad woman and can’t wait to show off my products.  I gave this a lot of thought, I’ve been thinking about it for years but I feel for the first time I actually have enough free time to make it happen.  That, and Craig hacked my fabric budget to practically nothing when I quit my job.  He seems to think food and 529 plans are more important than my fabric hoarding habit.  So, an Etsy shop it is. I’ll share more about it soon!

Otherwise, we are staying plenty busy with summer crafts, lots and lots of pool time, and some serious train building.  You couldn’t pay me to watch an episode of Thomas the Train but the Trackmaster sets are awesome! I have as much fun as Devan and Leah.  Playtime is fun.  I love being home with the kiddos, just wish I had the energy to give them more of myself.  Someday soon, hopefully!




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  1. Next time you are feeling totally bummed go back and read this post and then I will not need to give you a pep talk:), but of course do still call me to listen, cause I really do care. We still ‘owe’ you a birthday present, but it really isn’t in the mail. love, mamamarj

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