Liz Ellen Handmade- Now OPEN!


I did it, I opened the shop.  I’m still waiting (and waiting) for my custom quilt labels to arrive so in the meantime I just listed everything else I’ve made and dove right in.  I’ve heard from many a fellow Etsy seller that things can be painfully slow at first so I’ve tried to keep my expectations in check, but I can’t deny it was exciting to watch the Shop View climb the first day.  Looks like most Etsy shoppers are finding me through fabric destash searches, so it may turn out that unloading a bit of my excess fabric stash is my most profitable venture. We shall see.  I certainly have no shortage of fabric, and am going to make a concerted effort to edit my purchasing more carefully in the future!

Back to the shop- Liz Ellen Handmade.  The name came about for two reasons- it wasn’t already taken on Etsy, and Elizabeth Ellen Handmade was way too long for my quilt labels. And as I said on Facebook, this doesn’t mean that you can call me Liz.

As I also shared on Facebook, you can receive a HUGE DISCOUNT (ha ha) of 10% for the next two weeks just by typing “GOODKARMA” into the discount code box when you check out.  I’m pretty sure my blog readership are mostly the types to make things yourselves, but for the rest of you I hope you’ll at least stop in and poke around. And you have a rich friend who loves quilts and mug rugs, send them my way, okay?

Liz Ellen Handmade



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  1. I’ll let your uncle Karl know to call you “Liz Ellen” instead. Hope you get your 1st sale real soon:) love, mamamarj

  2. Congratulations!

    Out of my SEVEN sales (seven is said sarcastic), I think I knew 4 customer personally. Keep adding items though! Everything looks great!

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