#28, Daisy Cottage Patchwork


I met Amy my second week of work at my first job out of college.  I can’t say I ever really loved that job, but I met so many awesome people there! As luck would have it, Amy I both had baby boys in 2007 and both had girls in 2010, just 6 weeks apart no less.  The kids are close, we had fun vacationing together, and have many, many playdates as well.  I feel blessed to have such a wonderful friend to hang out with, and it is such a bonus that are kids are such good friends as well!

I wasn’t able to make baby Elaine a quilt in 2010 as I was busy with last minute projects for baby Leah but I knew I wanted to give her one someday soon.  The past few months have given me a wonderful opportunity to catch up on projects that have been on my to-do list for way too long, so Elaine gets her baby quilt, just in time for her 2nd Birthday!  We all roasted/steamed in the heat together at the Royals game last night and I was able to give her the quilt, and now I can finally post about it!

Also, I came rather close to being beamed in the noggin by a foul ball, completely oblivious as I tried to take a picture of the boys together..

I do love a good tangent.  So, the quilt.  I used a layer cake of Daisy Cottage and backed the quilt with the turquoise print I bought in bulk at FM a few months ago.  I quilted it using a loopy meandering pattern, which is one of my favorite all-over patterns as it is more interesting than a stipple yet an open enough design to allow that crinklieness that I love in a baby quilt.  Or a big girl quilt!  This one was a blast to piece and quilt, and I’m proud to add it to the list of finshes!

Leah approved



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