The minutia of our lives


Wow, I’ve been a slacker, have I not?  Actually, I haven’t been.  I’ve been busy with the kids, and busy with friends, busy with weddings and showers galore, busy getting hundreds of items ready for consignment season, and really busy with my Etsy shop “hobby.”  My goal is to have the shop stocked with more than 50 handmade items by the end of the year.  I’ve got a ways to go, but I’m working hard.  Need the link again? Of course you do!

My Super Fabulous Totally Awesome Etsy Shop

I have quilts in my shop that I’m not planning to feature on the blog, so please do check it out once in awhile.  I would add a link to the sidebar but I have the free version of wordpress and it wants to spite me in my desire.

So, this summer has been good.  I’ve been feeling okay.  I’ve been thrilled with my new migraine medicine, and the new diet has been helpful to a point.  I have LOVED spending time with the kids, but I am also VERY ready for Devan to head to preschool.  He needs more action in his life.

Also, an interesting note: a few weeks ago we went biking as a family and stopped at a playground for a break and by chance ran into kids that Devan and Leah were in daycare with.  Huge coincidence, but the surprising thing is we learned that after 20 years in childcare, our daycare provider had closed down her business and turned in her provider license.  This is huge for us in three ways:

1.  I would have had to leave my job.  There is not hourly care readily available in JoCo, and I would not have been able to switch the kids into full time care and keep up with that.  So, validation for my decision this past May.

2. I have no emergency care.  It shifts the burden to Craig when I have a migraine, or the flu, or god knows whatever else might happen to me.  Also, no more monthly (paid)  “breaks” just for my sanity.  WAAAAHHHHHH!!!

3. I’m not going to QuiltCon.  WAAAHHHHHH!!  Well, it was a nice dream.  Luckily, our guild is super fabulous and we have a steady stream of awesome workshops and guest speakers.  So I’ll save my money, go hear Denyse Schmidt talk, and take workshops about photography and free motion quilting from our uber-talented members.  Who wants to go to Austin in February anyways.  Okay, I did.




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  1. I’m not going to QuiltCon either. Money. Vacation days for Joel. The fact that my mom wants a girl’s trip with, we’ll just wallow in sadness.

    Glad to hear you’re busy!

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