Summer is over, whew.  My first two months of staying at home went really great, the last month has been trying.  A friend referred to this stage as the ‘”F”-you Fours’ and that is definitely what we have going on here.  To say I am sick and tired of being treated like crap is an understatement and again, it’s only been a month of this.  And in a few days, we are going to all climb into a car together and spend the next few weeks in very close company.  More parents around does not equal better behavior, just twice as many people to feel royally ticked off. All I want is some relaxation at the beach.  Is it too late to leave the kids here?

I’m not really cut out for this, and I miss my job so much it hurts sometimes.  This is part of the adjustment period, I know, but it’s still tough.  More time at home lately is not more quality time, just more discipline. And by the time Craig gets home I’ve had my fill.  There is NO QUESTION that our family was running smoother when I worked part time, but I am hoping this stage will not last forever.

Devan started his first day of Pre-K today, he won’t say much about it, but I’m sure he is going to love it in time. I’m also hopeful that it will help this “I’m going to test you all day long” situation out a bit.  It’s clear he is bored to death at home, I am at a loss for things we can do together that don’t involve him screaming at Leah that she is ruining things, or not playing “correctly”, or is messing up his projects.  I understand why some kids end up in front of movies all day long but I don’t want to do that.  But sometimes, I do want to do that.

So, that sums up August.  I’m been feeling better, which is such a HUGE blessing and deserves a post all it’s own, so maybe in time.  I’m taking a break from Etsy and quilting, and sewing in general for awhile.  It’s been nice to be lazy and watch movies and read books.  I have a huge list of projects and commissions that are backing up on me and instead of tackling them, I felt it more prudent to set them all aside and do nothing for a month.  I’m sure I will be grateful for this decision come October!

We are going internet-free while on Vacation, so it’s going to be quiet around here for awhile.  Not much of a change from this past month, I know.  And I broke a rule by telling you all we are going to be gone, so don’t any of you dare come steal my fabric!!


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