A breath of fresh (sea) air


It’s probably about time I attempt to get caught up, huh?  I’m not even sure where to start! How about a super duper quickie vacation recap?

It was good.

Ha ha,  If only I was that brief, right?  It really was a good trip.  The drive was actually pleasant, which was a HUGE shocker, I think both Craig and I had some fears on that account.  Except for Leah claiming that she had pooped every twenty minutes just to get out of the car… but even that wasn’t so bad because we were usually plenty happy to discover she hadn’t.  (Potty training that one?  Pretty sure it will never, ever, ever happen.)  We rented a cabin in a state park on the beach and it was also better than we expected.  It was described as “rustic” but they were brand new and spacious, and away from the craziness that is Destin. And it didn’t hurt that the state park was across from a Wal-mart, when I discovered I wasn’t the fabulous packer that I thought I was. (Happens every trip.)
We ate delicious fish, went to the beach (got attacked by dog flies the first few tries, nasty little things), toured 30A on bike (and got FRIED, oops), explored Seaside- which is amazing, and lusted after million dollar beach houses.  Craig went para-sailing, we all took a snorkeling and seashelling cruise (the shells were DEFINITELY planted but the kids didn’t care.), we saw dolphins in the wild-even a little bitty baby dolphin,  we found a few amazing playgrounds, and even happened by an outlet mall where I convinced these two beauties to come home with me:

It was everything a vacation to the beach should be, and I’ll even go so far as to say it was relaxing.  And upon returning home, it feels like we did indeed hit “reset”.  Only problem is, we reset Leah to be a typical two year old, ha.  But everything is a stage, and if only one kid is being terrible at any given time, I’ll consider myself blessed.  Another bonus is that the kids are playing together better after the trip.  They shared a room, and it seemed to work some kind of magic on their relationship.  Devan even camped out overnight on Leah’s floor when we got back because he missed her.  Ahhhh.

Enough yammering already, how about the highlight reel?

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  1. Wow–sounds wonderful! Great photos too- lifetime memories. We’ll expect a yummy meal cooked in your new pots next time we visit! mamamarj

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