Family is Love


It was a good weekend.  A wedding, loads of family and beautiful weather to top it off.  My cousin’s daughter Kailey was married this weekend and we traveled to the Round Barn in Derby for the reception.  It was a gorgeous location and the kids had a wonderful time playing with their cousins.  And then  Uncle Glenn made Devan’s dreams come true with a ride in his “race car”, as Devan calls it.

Kylen, Annabelle, Ashtyn, and Leah-posing like a Lady.

Kylen, Annabelle, and Leah

After the reception, we headed to Ark City to visit Julie and Brett.  Devan and Leah was completely wound the entire time (sugar high, perhaps) but they had a fabulous time.  And I have decided we need more pets.  Devan also had a blast on a giant train engine at the local park, and spent nearly an hour climbing around and “working” on the train.  Why don’t Kansas City parks have such cool equipment?   Our local park has two swings and a slide tower.  Sad.

Devan may never forgive me for making him leave that park but we did somewhat make it up to him when we headed for Wellington and he spent the afternoon hunting for treasures in my Grandma’s garage.  It was great to see everyone on the Pritz side, but I miss Grandma so much.  It’s just not the same without her, and I am still hurting that I didn’t get to spend time with her at the end.  And we all get to go on hating cancer even more as my cousin Shane is battling Lymphoma, which strikes me as incredibly unfair as my Aunt Maria has watched her brother, sister in law, mother, and son fight cancer.  Maria is a huge inspiration to me,  just like Grandma, she has such a positive attitude and is so strong.  Love you Maria!!

Family is so important to us, it was really nice to catch up with everyone this weekend.  Between Craig and I we have A LOT of family, and we work hard to stay close to everyone.  Family is without a doubt my greatest blessing in this life, and I am forever grateful for our dozens upon dozens (and dozens and dozens and dozens..) of relatives.


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