A small measure of Success


How about a positive blog post that is about good health?  It might be a first for this blog!  When I think back over my 30 years of life, I am happy to say that I feel better now than I have at any point in the last decade. It’s HUGE for me, and I feel so much more hopeful about what I can do in the future.   It seems like I was just getting worn down by problem after problem and my body never had a chance to recover and build strength and immunity.  I’m probably still weaker than the average Joe, but the improvement is what I’m so thrilled about.   So what has changed? Quite a bit.

I’ve tweaked my diet to include more meat (and therefore protein) to help with the chronic fatigue.  I’ve accepted that I function better if I nap when the kids do, even if it a huge loss to my “productivity meter”, (which I am slowly learning is not, in fact, the gauge of a happy life).  I’ve cut out most dairy which has helped with the chronic pain.  I still have pain most days, but it is a far cry to what I was dealing with when I left my job.  Because I am less sedentary, I also have much less pain in my hips and wrists, though I still have trouble if I try and do a marathon sewing day.  We’ve switched my medication from a muscle relaxant to a medicine geared for fibromyalgia and it also seems to have really helped.  The pain is definitely in the background now.

Let’s see, what else? After my little “migraine stroke” episode, I got on Maxalt which eliminates the migraines so long as I don’t mistake them for a sinus headache- the medicine only works if you take it at the beginning of an episode and because I don’t get an aura, sometimes I make the wrong call.  I’m learning.  Huge improvement there.   My stomach is doing better sans dairy and I make sure to take lots of probiotics.   My eyes are mouth are still incredibly dry BUT I had a huge successful moment when I went to the dentist last Thursday and had ZERO cavities.  So the dry-mouth stuff seems to be making a different on that account, hallelujah!  Still can’t wear contacts, not even disposables, but I’ll get rechecked here soon in um, March.   I’ve been using these drop for months now, but my eyes are still parched.  Well, glasses are cool, right?

I think that just about does it, with the exception of Anxiety disorder and there, unfortunately, I haven’t had much improvement.  It’s such a wretched thing to deal with, and I wish I could just ‘think’ it away.  I’ve done a lot of reading online, and I think eventually I will need to pony up the money for some intensive therapy.  But for now, the moment I start to feel the least bit nauseated, or when my ear or jaw hurts on the left side for any reason, or when I’ve been sick for more than a few days in a row, I have a massive panic attack.  I think my system is still on high alert for whatever the next “crisis” is going to be.  I was hopeful that a few months of calm and good health would help but so far I haven’t noticed much improvement.  It’s a disorder that is extremely difficult to explain or understand if you haven’t experienced an attack, but it is god-awful miserable.  I can look back and know it started after my emergency tubal surgery but all the events of the past few years have really magnified it.  I know Xanax is the joke of stressed-out suburban moms, but for me it is an absolute life-saver and I am so thankful for it.

So there you go, my entire health history shared on the internet.  I figure you’ve shared in my sorrow and frustration, why not share in the joy?  I spent so many years miserable but pushing for answers and better health and it feels like everything is coming together.  Yes, I have a big ‘ol bag of medication but I’m finally okay with that.  I think drugs get a bad rap sometimes, the right medications have made such a HUGE improvement in the quality of my life that I am really thankful to big Pharma.  Or course, diet changes and lifestyle changes were another large part of why I am feeling better.   I’ve been doing less marathon-quilting and more reading, more playing, more cooking, decorating, relaxing, spending time with friends.  I’m turning off my internal ‘to-do’ list and learning to live in the moment without so much “hurry” in my life.  I’m enjoying it.  And I’m so thankful.


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  1. Good for you! And, whoever is joking that Xanax is for the suburban stressed out mom is just jealous that they don’t have access to it! It is a life saver:)

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