Lately, I’ve had some completely unrealistic ideas about what I’m going to accomplish in any given day.  Etsy shop items are not finished, neither are Christmas gifts, blog posts are unwritten, nothing in the house has been remodeled or painted or heck, even dusted, and even giving my son a quick haircut turned into a complete fiasco that involved hair being blown all over my bedroom with a blow dryer, Thing 2 coating herself and the shower in a thick, greasy cream, a bath where a potty chair was added to the tub and the floor soaked, and ending with Thing 2 painting her legs and window sill with purple glitter polish.  Let’s just say we didn’t make it to the park that morning.  These guys are just so much WORK.  I thought as they got older they would be a wee bit more self sufficient?  Well, I’m still waiting for that day but in the meantime we do have a good deal of fun around here in the midst of all the chaos.

I have been sneaking away a bit as well for some fun Quilt Guild activities.  A few weeks ago we have an all day sewing retreat and I blazed through a stack of unfinished projects. Not really, but I did have fun and was able to photograph my newest quilt finish. (Stay tuned).  Then, this past Sunday was an amazing product photography workshop with Lauren, and I am feeling really inspired to re-photograph all the items for my Etsy shop.  (See unrealistic goals, above.)  I’ve also become convinced to shoot in RAW format instead of j-pegs, just don’t tell my brother because he tried to convince me of this a few months ago and I totally blew him off.   I will share a few images from the day, this is one of the projects I completed at the sewing retreat- which is going to end up under someone’s tree and don’t you wish it were yours? I wish it were for me!


And we didn’t talk about this at the workshop, but I just feel compelled to throw this out there on behalf of all of my photographer friends and beginning amateurs like myself… camera’s DON’T take good photos, people do.  Sure, good equipment is a benefit but you are doing the photographer a great disservice with comments like “Your camera takes good photos.” Most camera are capable of crappy photos too, no matter how nice they are.  You have to learn to use what you’ve got, whether it be your i-phone or point and shoot, or $5000 DSLR.  Anyways, just needed to get that off my chest.

Pictures of the latest quilt to come soon! (Again, see unrealistic ideas, above.)


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