(yet another) One of those Days


It’s safe to say that we have had a few rough weeks around here.  I know everything is a stage, but it does seem like the new stages are incrementally worse than what we’ve left behind.  After a particularly exasperating day with Leah, I headed out the door as soon as Craig got home to indulge in some…grocery shopping. To clear my head and brighten my mood.  And I was feeling pretty down so I filled the cart with blueberries, a new tea variety, artisanal lettuce, and about 1.5 ounces of Jelly Bellies.  While I was checking out, the lady next to me unloaded the contents of her cart: a 2 liter of coke, 6 individual Haagen Daaz ice creams, and a People Magazine.

I was instantly filled with regret over the inadequacy of my stress-food selection.  I decided I would go to McDonald’s and get a giant fry to drown my stress in grease but the drive through lane was insane so I returned home with my purchases, and guess what?  Leah was still awake.  And she was still in the midst of her day-long tantrum. And she neeeeeeded MOOOOOOM.

Sanity Break FAIL.


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