I am Here.


As it turns out, drinking a tall mocha latte at noon makes taking a nice, long afternoon nap all but impossible.  In fact, it makes taking any nap at all impossible, try as I might.  So I figured perhaps it is time to update the ‘ol blog.  Heck, it’s been so long I had forgotten our wordpress password.  I didn’t figure anyone was even still out there but it sounds like there is indeed a small and loyal audience who enjoys the minutia of our lives.

So, where have I been?  In December, I was sewing my hiney off.  In January, I’ve pretty much felt like total crap.  I suppose on the overall crap scale of all the crapiness I’ve felt at one point or another my life, this probably isn’t all that bad.  But I’ve had five migraines this month and a “fibro flare” that has made most daily tasks painful and exhausting.  So I haven’t done much of anything worth writing about, except for online shopping binges, pinning loads of cute bunny pictures on pinterest, and playing lots of Bingo Blitz.  (I’m level 47 now.  That’s almost halfway to level 100, which if you aren’t familiar with the game, means you are awarded complete nerdy loser status.)

I have a couple quilts to show off (or you could just travel over to flickr) and a few in the works.  We moved Leah to a queen bed so I now have the entire attic bedroom for use as a studio!  Devan and I built a table using chairs we found in the attic and an old closet door because we are super creative.  And super cheap.  And super impatient.

Well then, that is it.  Consider yourself caught up, because I’m considering myself caught up on the blog.  I’ll try to get back in the habit, even as my friends abandon their blogs in droves (losers) because I know one day I will thank me when I can’t remember these days.  And also, because Just South of Sanity Volume 4 is going to be a pretty quick read if I I don’t.


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