In Praise of Mediocrity


I’m not telling most of you anything you don’t already know, but I’m a fairly ‘Type A’ person.  From an early age, I’ve had this internal drive that makes me strive to do everything the best.  Not the best compared to others necessarily, but the best I can do.  And it’s not so much wanting to “beat” anyone or win, it’s that I’ve always figured if someone else can do this or achieve that, then I should be able to as well.  I’ve always pushed myself really hard.

This mentality has been at odds with the reality of my life the past few years and I keep finding myself feeling like I’ve failed in one way or another.  Failed to keep up the house like I want, to have a successful career, to be a great stay at home mom, to make all the quilts I’ve wanted to make, to keep my etsy shop full, to have a weed free yard and a dust free house.. the list is endless and exhausting and also, ridiculous. 

So at the end of last year, I made my resolutions for 2013.  And they are fairly different from what you tend to read about in magazines, I can sum it up like this- I resolve to be nothing more than average, and to love it.

  1. To pick up take-out more often and accept that I don’t have to home cook every single meal.
  2. To ENJOY lounging around when I’m exhausted or in pain.
  3. To hit the drive through with the kids when I don’t have great lunch ideas.
  4. To do more cleaning, but to stop wasting time “picking up” as it is pointless.
  5. To stop setting daily achievement goals and just take each day as it comes.
  6. To buy soda once in awhile, and coffee too when I need an energy boost.
  7. To take the medication I need to feel good, and stop worrying so much about the side effects on down the road.  I’ll deal with it when I need to deal with it.
  8. To get down on the floor more with the kids and play. 
  9. But to also teach them that sometimes Mommy needs to rest and they need to be independent.
  10. To stop apologizing for my stress eating.  I love chocolate, and it makes me happy.  Chocolate is good.  Chocolate makes everything better.
  11. Sorry Dave Ramsay, but I’m going to spend what I need to now on convenience items to make life easier, even if it isn’t so great on the budget. 

I’m taking the pressure off, and I’m going to learn how to be more forgiving with myself.  I’m going to learn my limitations and live happily within them. I’m going to be content with my life as is, and treasure all of the good in it.  And so far so good, I’ve been putting this all to practice this past month and I have to say, it feels pretty good.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to drink some instant Mocha before I go investigate what on earth the kids have been doing in the basement for the past hour.  Three cheers for mediocrity!!




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  1. Elizabeth, this is the best news!!! Love this post, it makes me happy 🙂 And just so you know, it takes a highly evolved person to understand and appreciate mediocrity. So there, you have pretty much achieved greatness 🙂

  2. My goodness…it as if I could have written that myself, I am and feel the exact same way. We should gather soon, to catch up, your can bring the kids over and help us trash my not clean house 😉 maybe we can also find a time to meet sans kids and drink a real mocha together!

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