A family in need of prayer


I need a little favor, or maybe it’s a big favor.  You know I’ve struggled with faith a lot over the past few years and the more I’ve read and sought truth, the harder I find it to believe in the faith of my childhood. It’s a journey of discovery that leaves me with more and more questions and fewer answers than I would like. But I know most of you do believe, and most of you have prayed for me during times that are really hard and I’m so thankful for that.  I’ve been offering up fervent prayers myself lately, the kind that I haven’t prayed since I was diagnosed with that darn tumor. 

You see, my dear friend Kristy just delivered a beautiful set of twins last Wednesday.  A boy and a girl, Jude and Maria.  These two sweeties were due on July 4th.  They were born at 25 weeks, micro preemies that have a long fight ahead of them.  Kristy and her husband have faced more hardship in the past ten years than most will ever face in a lifetime, and have shown such remarkable strength and grace.  Kristy has been a HUGE inspiration to me and I love her dear family so much.

My prayer for them is that have more good days than bad days, that these little twins continue to grow stronger and healthier, and that their family of five will be blessed.  That the doctors and nurses will take excellent care of these sweet little babies. That Kristy and Jeremiah with find strength in the love of their family and friends, and know that even complete strangers are thinking of them and praying for them. 

If you can do this for me, and for them, I would be so grateful. 


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  1. Oh Elizabeth – thank you for sharing. Prayers for this family can only help!! Best wishes for them on this journey.

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