The Birth of a Business


Remember that little post where I declared that my goal for 2013 was mediocrity? I know some of you do. It appears that I have pushed mediocrity to the back burner in favor of pure chaos. (Who adopts a dog and a cat at the same time?). But I must thrive in chaos because I have never been happier. I left my job last May, a gut-wrenching decision that left me deflated. I’ve grown to love being home with the kids more than I ever would have expected, but a part of me has felt restless. The migraines and ‘fibro-flares’ have made it abundantly clear that I would not be returning to a desk job anytime soon, so it became time to dream some new dreams.

I decided to dream big.

I am going into business. And the best possible kind of business, in my opinion, the fabric business. Judging by the leaning towers of bins in my sewing room, one could correctly surmise that I love fabric even more than I love sewing. And I LOVE sewing. The thought of being permanetly surrounded by bolts of gorgeous fabric leaves me giddy with happiness!

I will be sure to share more details in the coming weeks, such as the name of my business and the itmes I plan to stock. The shop will be geared towards the garment sewist, but many of these substrates make wonderful quilts as well. I am starting out on Etsy as I am familiar with the interface and it takes awhile to build a website and a customer base. We are busy on the home front tearing apart the house to accomadate this new venture (I’m adding new projects seemingly by the hour), and it is thrilling to watch it all come together! Boxes of inventory will start to arrive this week, and I hope to be up and running by the beginning of May!

Three cheers for happy chaos!!


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