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The helper


Yesterday evening we were playing in the basement when I saw Devan head for Elliot with a plastic fork in his hand. Elliot paused and let Devan sit down by him, and I decided to see if Devan was just going to pet him before I said anything. As Elliot sat patiently, Devan took the fork and ever so gently started combing through his fur, and then much to my amusement would stop every so often and pick something out of his coat and wipe it on the carpet. Yep, he was combing Elliot for fleas!! I about died laughing, but didn’t intervene. Elliot seemed happy enough to sit there and get petted (somewhat) and Devan worked diligently for quite awhile. Every once in awhile I would here a quiet “ewwwww, bug.” When he was finished, Devan leaned over and gave Elliot a hug, then a kiss, then a pat on the bottom with an “All done!”.

It was so stinkin’ cute, I wish I had the camera with me to take a video. Those two are absolutely best buddies and Elliot trusts Devan way more than he should. And in case you are wondering, I’m fairly certain all the bugs were imaginary. At least I hope so.


Not for the faint of heart


I am dead serious. Really, take me for my word here, if you are at all squeamish about cute little critters meeting a sad demise, you really do not want to finish reading this post. And you DEFINITELY do not want to look at the pictures below. And if you do, you can’t get mad at me, because I warned you.


Ok, so for the holiday we headed to Topeka to spend the weekend at my parents. And they have a nice, big yard filled with tons of wildlife. So I was pretty excited to hear that they had a nest of baby bunnies in the backyard. We headed out to see them and I am telling you that they were adorable, just tiny squirmy little things that almost looked like little mice.

They were right out in the center of the yard, but luckily had not been hit by a mower, or discovered by a cat. In fact, they looked like they are about the age that they would be leaving the nest to fend for themselves. And I am thinking it would have been a good thing if they had left the nest to fend for themselves. Because the thing is, when Momma rabbit chose the location for the nest she didn’t do much research on the neighborhood. And it turns out the neighborhood was definitely in the shady part of town with a very unsavory neighbor no more than 20 feet away.

(I think you can see where this is going, so again, this is where you want to stop reading if you love wild bunnies.)

Saturday afternoon I decide to grab my camera and head out to get another peek at the bunnies because they were just so stinking cute. And as I rounded the deck I saw some movement by the nest and my heart skipped a few beats. And then I was completely horrified and yet absolutely fascinated at the exact same time:

Mother nature in action. That big guy apparently lives in a drain pipe just 20 feet up the hill, maybe even closer. I watched him slither away after I caught him in the act, but we went ahead and placed his catch by the hole in hopes he would fill up on it and leave the others alone. I really do think they will be big enough to hop away any day now. At least I am hoping so, being a lover of wild bunnies. Sadly, we did another check this afternoon and there were just four bunnies left in the nest. I suppose that is still plenty to eat up Dad’s garden.

I just can’t get over the picture.

In the meantime


Yes, I know. You want baby -not bunnies. Well, this is the best I can do for cuteness right now. What else have I to do but follow around my buns and snap their picture?

So cute, just hanging out.

Someone doesn’t want her picture taken anymore.

Seriously, human, knock it off with the flash already…

He can run, but he can’t hide.

Sneak Peak


Here is a sneak peak at the nursery in progress:Yep, BUNNIES! What else? We haven’t hung the quilt or purchased the bedding, or a myriad of other essentials but we have our rug! As long as we have the important stuff, right? Well, our first order of cloth diapers arrived yesterday so we had fun with that. I had no idea how CUTE they would be. We are trying two different systems for those of you unfamiliar with cloth diapering- one is using “prefolds” with covers- this is the system that my mom used when I was a wee one, and the second system is called pocket diapers. These are absolutely adorable one-sized diapers that fit a baby from 8-35 pounds. Just like disposables only you wash them. And they are cuter.

So, last night Craig and I decided to try our hand at diapering, figuring we were going to need some practice. Not having any babies handy we went with the next best thing- a stuffed bunny. The first diaper I attempted was a bumGenius brand and I have to say it went fairly well:
At any rate, looks good to me. But the second diaper, I don’t know about. This brand is Mothers Touch, and I am thinking I don’t have the touch. Instead of velcro there are about 100 snaps on this contraption and it was beyond me how they were supposed to fasten to create a diaper that would fit an 8 pound baby. I tried a few times and then ended up with this:
I am going to have to look up instructions for this sucker on the web. Craig also gave this one a try but I must say I don’t think he did a whole lot better than I did. We didn’t even come near the prefold diapers. The term “prefold” is a tad misleading as the thing is just a big square of cloth. How I am going to make a diaper out of that, I don’t have a clue. Thankfully, I have an offer for a lesson and hopefully in no time at all we will be whipping out “angel folds” and “the twist” with ease. I have a feeling life is going to be dramatically different in a few months….

Tough Love


Our bunnies have been misbehavin’. We have had our two little bundles of fur for over four years now, and we really do love ‘em to death. But lately they are two rotten, stinky little creatures. And stinky is the operative word. Both rabbits, who for three and a half years have faithfully remained litterbox trained, have decided it is no longer worth the effort to get their little buns into the designated poo spot. For awhile, it was a 1’ radius around the box that was fair game for bunny drops. We sighed and grumbled and dust-busted them up. Then came the occasional leak outside of the box. Craig sighed and grumbled and scrubbed it up. But now? Now they don’t even try. Anything is fair game- pee and poo everywhere. We have had enough.

This weekend, the bunnies were evicted from their castle. The 3 story structure is closed. The two rascals now share a tiny little one story plastic cage, 2’ x 4’. If they are going to pee and poo everywhere, they are going to have to sleep in it. This may sound mean, but tough times take tough measures. Practice for parenting, right? So last night was the first night in the new cage, and I think it went okay. And then this morning, those two little boogers made a beeline for their old cage and spent the next 30 minutes banging on the bars trying to get back in. Before heading to work we scooped them both up and returned them to their cramped habitat. I am hoping in just a few days that they will A) have remembered how to use a litterbox and, B) be as repentant as a rabbit can be and, C) realize just how good they had it in the first place.

Bad rabbit.


Recently the rabbits have rediscovered the back guestroom. They have not been accustomed to visiting this room because to their knowledge, there was nothing interesting there. But then, last year- we added a bed. And not just any bed- the old bed. The bed where baby Lizzie would crawl into the lining of the box springs and hide where we could not catch her. The bed we would lie on and listen helplessly while she chewed on the wood and ripped out stuffing. Lizzie is older and larger now, but the bed holds just as much allure to her now as it did in her youth. It took them 8 months or so to notice the new addition, but once they did they just can’t get enough of that room. We have decided we are helpless to keep them out of there, and honestly that bed is going to dissapear in a few months so what does it really matter any more?

A few nights ago I was working on the computer, which is in the kitchen now, when I saw Lizzie out of the corner of my eye standing in the doorway. I ignored her but she didn’t go away, and started shaking her head around and darting in circles. Finally, I glanced down as she appeared in the doorway again, and do you know what was in her mouth? A HUGE wad of mattress stuffing. She just had to make sure I saw her with it, and then scampered off gleefully. And I swear, there was a glint in her eye.