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Bunny luv


Could she be any cuter? I am nuts over our rabbits, even this little stinker. I love her cute little white belly. I guess she is worth all the poops and chewed up shoes…


Bunny Fun


I have heard quite a few people remark that pets can be good preparation for children. I think this might be true. I have always been one of those people that are really grossed out by bodily fluids but thanks to my pets, I am getting a tougher stomach. I can now clean up cat vomit, rabbit pee, bloody rabbit toes, and runny rabbit poop without gagging. I can scoop out a stinky cat litter box without thinking twice (though that is Craig’s job now!!!). I have been peed on by a bunny, and have even attempted to clean up Joy’s stinky dog poo from the carpet (Craig to the rescue.) So, lots of bodily fluids exposure. But, last night was a new one for me.

I came home and immediately heard a weird sound coming from the bunny cage. I leaned over to investigate further and heard Lizzie breathing heavily, almost wheezing. She was scraping at her face with her paws and seemed really uncomfortable. So, I immediately let her out of the cage and then crawled up to her to listen closer and make sure she was okay. She continued to wheeze and have little sneezes. I became suspicious that she may have a cold and decided to fire up the computer and look up rabbit illnesses. But while I was in the back room I heard her getting louder so I went back to the dining room and tried to coax her back to me so I could investigate. She did come up to me and then, still wheezing, right as she got really close- let out a monster sneeze and sent a huge glop of thick, white bunny snot all over me.

Apparently, that was all she needed to feel better and was then on her way. I did discover that bunnies can’t get colds and she most likely has some sort of bacterial infection. So the buns get to spend the day at the vet today- likely having swabs stuck up their nose and antibiotics shoved down their throat? Bum? Not exactly sure how they treat a bunny infection, but I am about to find out and I can guarantee you it won’t be fun for anyone.

Nearly a near-death experience


I nearly killed my bunny this weekend. Literally, poor thing. Because A), I am cheap and do not want to pay 12$ for each of them to have their nails trimmed at the vets and because B), I am cheap and never purchased any septic and because C), I am a lazy, pitiful pet owner who does not even have a number for an emergency vet handy around the house.

Late Friday night Craig and I decided to cut our bunnies nail because they were so long I don’t know how those guys were still hopping. We didn’t get very far before tragedy struck- Lizzie yanked her paw and I cut the quick, deep. Let me tell you, it cuts straight to the heart when your little bunny squeals in pain. And I don’t do well with the site of blood, or emergencies for that matter. Remember the avocado incident? After a few panicked phone calls to my parents and Craig’s friend the vet (who no doubt now thinks I am crazy), we managed to get a tourniquet on her leg to stop the bleeding and whisked her off to a 24 hour vet, where it took three people to hold her down and get the bleeding stopped.

Craig and I had tried to stop the bleeding on our own- but this just resulted in blood and baking powder everywhere- rabbits are not so great at holding still. We were quite a sight at the vets office- me crying from guilt, Craig and I both smeared with blood and coated in baking powder, Lizzie scared and mad, and Elliot wondering what the heck was going on.

I have spent the weekend spoiling them both rotten with bananas and strawberries and tortilla chips (their favorite), not to mention letting them roam the house all night and eat on just about anything they choose to, except the piano. Yes, I am still feeling guilty.

Really long and random


My knees are absolutely killing me. All of this swimming and running is hard on the joints. Well, I have said before I am a very old 24, this is just further evidence.

I came across an article on the internet about a rabbit rescue in Reno, NV who found a back yard with over one thousand neglected rabbits. With more born every day, most of the rabbits turned feral and were living in burrows underground. They needed people to adopt family groups of the rabbits (which are now all being fixed) and let them live outside. If we had a farm, I would do it. Craig is going to wince when he reads this, and will be really glad we don’t own a farm. Because I totally would do it, I think domesticated bunnies are the cutest things on the face of the planet. Even after they chew up yet another pair of my heels.

We have one of the nicest peony varieties in our backyard. I brought in a bouquet to enjoy at work because I am not home enough to see them, and I have received quite a few comments. They are a double white flower with shell pink guard petals, and they are gorgeous and smell great. I tried to find what they were online, but with no luck. I did see that the Garden Treasure Peony is still $150. Won’t be owning that one anytime soon.

I posses a lot more patience these days than I ever remember having in the past. No one who knows me well would ever claim that I am in any way patient. I have been sewing lots of sheets lately for the maze and I haven’t yelled at the machine once. Maybe because there are others around, and it isn’t my machine, and I am a guest in someone else’s house- but still, I don’t know if I could have guaranteed this good behavior a few years ago. That’s actually the only example that comes to mind of my newfound patience, but I am sure there are others.

And lastly, I am going to comment that being environmentally conscience is something I am really starting to enjoy. I agree with something I read the other day that it doesn’t mean you are a liberal or a hippie or an extremist to want to take care of the earth. The thought was that it is just a common-sense type of thing and hopefully is becoming more mainstream. I hope so. I agree it is common sense, and have a hard time understanding what anyone has against those of us that want to leave as little impact on the planet from our presence as possible. And I get really tired of hearing the excuse that one person doesn’t make a difference because that is simply untrue. And there are so many great products out there now that are made from renewable and sustainable resources; it is getting much easier to be green. Even Wal-Mart is getting in on the act, the corporation we all love to hate.

That is all for today. And before I hear any complaints, I know we have been really weak on the rabbit pictures as of late. Don’t worry, we will remedy this problem shortly.

Must be spring fever


I have witnessed some weird going-ons this weekend. Nothing is very interesting on its own, probably they aren’t all that interesting as a whole either, but I am going to share nonetheless. The first thing is last evening as we were driving home we saw a duck walking down the street. We don’t live near a large body of water, or even a small body of water unless you count the clogged up ditch in front of us every time it rains. So I have no idea what a duck is doing in our neighborhood, but there it was. Craig saw it too.

Next, this morning our cute little female rabbit, Lizzie, leaped onto Elliot- sitting on his head and ripping out huge chunks of his fur. I had to physically pull her off of him so he could escape. I am not sure what could have provoked this as just a few minutes earlier we observed them in a rather amorous encounter. They were cuddling again about 10 minutes after this incident, so I left them together and am hoping little Elliot is not bare by the time I get home tonight.

Also this morning I saw a squirrel doing backflips in the yard. Maybe he was rabid, maybe he was just happy, maybe he found some more tulip bulbs to munch on, maybe he escaped from the squirrel circus, I’m not sure. But whatever the reason, he was performing acrobatic feats I have never before seen an ordinary squirrel attempt.

That is all of the weird behavior I can think of at the moment, but I will keep my eyes open.