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House Rules


Craig:    Devan, I don’t want you to go running so fast through the house.

Devan:    Why?

Craig:    You trip over lots of stuff, and bang into too many things.  So it’s just going to be a new rule.

Devan:    Well, when I’m older and have a baby, I’m not going to have ANY rules at my house.

Craig:    No rules at all?

Devan:    No.

Craig:    What if your kid wants to knock a plant over and dump dirt all over the floor.  That’ll be ok?

Devan:    Well, they can’t do that.

Craig:    But that’s a rule.

Devan:    Ok, well I’ll just have one rule.  No dumping over poison plants, or plants with dirt in them.  Actually, two.  Three rules.  No knocking over the Christmas tree.  And no taking off ornaments.  Well, 4 rules.  No opening presents before Christmas, or opening presents that aren’t yours.  So just 4 rules.  That’s all.

Craig:    So you’ll have 4 rules, huh?

Devan:    Yes.  Can you remember that for me, so I’ll not forget when I’m old.

Craig:    Sure, I’ll try to remember.




Hope you like it.

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Dorito Dilemma


So I have a bag of Doritos (fake Doritos actually), and have been approaching the bottom of the bag this afternoon at work. I poured out another pile of chips, and a clump of Doritos seasoning fell out. As you’ve all likely seen before, these are usually small fingertip sized chunks of seasoning. But this one wasn’t. It was the same shape as a full-sized chip, but about 1/2 inch thick!

Doritos seasoning is so good that I can’t resist licking the salty-cheesy seasoning off my fingers. It’s irresistible. And the occasional small seasoning chunk is like a delicious piece of candy. So I really struggled about what to do with this giant seasoning chunk. These were my options…

Option 1: Use it as a paperweight, since it is quite hefty.

Option 2: Mount it on a stick, and have my own salt lick for the next few days.

Option 3: Crush the chunk into a 1000 mini-chunks and enjoy them throughout the next year.

Option 4: Throw the rock of seasoning away.

Well, being Doritos seasoning, option 4 definitely seemed out of the question. And since this was at work, options 1 and 2 may be seen as being gross. So option 3 it is.

After chipping away at it for an hour or so, I noticed that my salty taste buds had stopped working, and I could now taste some of the more subtle flavors of Doritos seasoning. Almost a cheesy, tomato, chicken-flavored taste. Now that I had risen to a higher-level of taste sensations, I was tempted to continue with this journey. But my stomach was starting to hurt, and salt isn’t the healthiest of snacks. So I reluctantly threw out the remainder of my salty paperweight. The end.

All bets are on


We aren’t usually gamblers, but some things are worth playing for. Last night Devan’s diaper was needing changed, and of course nobody wanted to change it. So I challenged Elizabeth to a high-stakes game of ping pong, where the loser would have to change the diaper. She accepted, and we played a very intense game of ping pong, where every point was treasured. The game was close and the stench was awful, but as the victor it was definitely worth it.

Filling in where I’m needed


Elizabeth is back working full-time, which of course is making us both more busy during our free time. Less time for cooking, cleaning, laundry, changing diapers, etc. Being the great husband that I am, I will help out with the blog while Elizabeth works on those other things. 🙂

So for tonight’s post, I am happy to share a picture of Devan.

Would you laugh?


Elizabeth was playing Oregon Trail today and had Devan and I in her wagon. The first person to fall ill was myself when I got the measles. She didn’t stop to rest or bother to increase our food rations. And soon after the game informed her that I’d died.

You may think she would feel bad about it, but instead… she laughed!