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30, and our Garden


Yesterday I turned 30.  So, that was fun.  We took the day off, went to Schlitterbahn, and fried our skin to a bright red crisp.  People have been asking me if it is worth the money I would give a great big emphatic NO.  And the landscaping is wretched.  Just really, really awful.  No design at all, just random crap placed everywhere.  And yes, things like that really bother me but thankfully from the lazy river all you can see is concrete.  But despite the HUGE problem I have with their hideous landscaping and overpriced tickets and the terrible sunburn we came home with, we still had a great time and we’ll probably even go back next year. 

Tomorrow is the big party at the bowling alley and despite the pessimistic post some of you may have caught earlier in the week, I am now looking forward to it again.  Everything is ready, I just get to show up and have fun- and that’s the way it should be.

Changing gears, I’ve been wanting to share pictures of our community garden for awhile now.  Vegetable plants never cease to amaze me with their incredible rate of growth.  The first picture is the day after we planted the garden, May 28th, which is a little bit late for our area.

And then this is the same view, last week.  The heat and humidity and rain have been good to these gardens!   

So far we have harvested about as many yellow squash as I predicted, and a couple of tomatoes.  It’s looking like next week we will be making gallons of salsa if the bugs don’t get the tomatoes first.  I think we will have some great onions too, if I can keep a certain someone from harvesting handfuls of them every single time we visit. 

Our actual plot

Honestly though, Devan is an excellent little garden helper- he waters the plants at the base, crawls in to pick the squash without destroying the plant, takes debris over to the compost bins for me, and entertains me with his funny commentary.  This is the type of mother son activity that I really cherish.  I’ve decided all of the festivals and special events are just not for us.  But an evening poking around in the garden with my little guy? Pure happiness all around. 


Garden in May

Clematis.  Every yard needs one.

Our Landscape is a work in progress.  When we moved into our house 3 years ago, we inherited a lot of sad looking turf.  And overgrown weeds.  And mature trees- including a sweet gum tree that drops 2,000 balls a week (maybe more)  a couple of sad looking green ash, and a half dead crab apple that still could despearetly use a trim. 

In three years time we’ve added seven trees, eighteen shrubs, and at least 100 perennials.  This next weekend, we tear out the entire overgrown front landscape and begin the process of redoing it with something a little more, well, unique.  But until I can share pictures of that project, here are a few things in bloom right now.   I’ve decided to show more progress pictures because a beautiful landscape is not an overnight undertaking.  We’re not there yet, but we are going to have a killer yard someday. 

Some of my spoils from the OVP Arboretum spring plant sale.  Give this pot a couple more weeks, it will be gorgeous.  My back yard has mostly white blooming plants with accents of chartreuse, burgundy and blue so I kept the scheme in the pots. This is a ridiculously long caption.

Ajuga reptans- Black Scallop.  This particular variety is a terrific groundcover.

Craig’s mess.  I mean, project.

Actually, I think you all will be impressed when we have the river rock down and the rest of the plants in.  Especially when you see the before pictures.  And consider the fact that he hand dug this entire area with a trowel to avoid all of the utilities. So as soon as we find a truck to haul one ton of river rock, I’ll post some after projects and you all can give him some major credit for a job well done.  But not yet, right now it’s still a mess.

Flower Power


Let’s take a break from all of the baby and pregnancy talk and look at some flower pictures! You would think it would be a nice break, but even this can seriously raise my blood pressure after messing with this post for HALF AN HOUR and the pictures of the hydrangeas were all still sideways! Craig saved the day though, and fixed the pictures. Ok now, back to the flower talk…

Remember this?

Now we have this!

I absolutely LOVE Hydrangeas and was thrilled that these finally bloomed. I bought them when we still lived in Independence so we have been waiting for three years to see them flower. Give me about three more years, and I will be ready to show you the rest of the yard! (These are ‘Dooley’ Hydrangeas, in case you are curious. They are bluer than blue and absolutely huge.)

I love the texture of the asparagus and the hydrangeas. We also have black scallop ajuga, jacob’s ladder and a sedum garden planted in this bed. It’s filled in nicely for the two years we have been here.

Our clematis bloomed this year as well but I was shocked to see that it was pink. Pretty, but I was wanting a white variety. Everything in the back yard is white or blue and purple. Except for this. But it’s pretty enough, I guess I might just let it stay.

Tis the season


This spring I promised Craig, no I SWORE to him that we were not buying any new plants. Not a single outdoor project this year. I swore that we would spend our home improvement dollars on replacing the hideous, horrific, cheap and tacky gold lighting standards throughout the house. I said I knew we didn’t have time (or energy) to be taking on garden projects. That I wasn’t even going to bother digging the pots out of the garage. That I was going to focus on the baby. That I would be happy re-doing the nursery and wouldn’t even miss the outdoor stuff.

But, but, but….now it is spring. It is nice outside. Garden bloggers are showing off their projects. Catalogs are arriving daily filled to the brim with beautiful perennials and summer bulbs.

And I need some new plants.

Nothing crazy, just a few things. Just five Cimicifuga, and probably five white Dicentra, and a few lady ferns and maybe some Knifophia for the front yard. And some white Astilbe since all I have is pink, and probably just a few Baptisia because you understand, I don’t have any. And it would seem wrong not to go to the Arboretum’s plant sale this spring because it is supporting a good cause. The deck would look naked without pots, I can’t imagine that I could live with that. And if we don’t add any plants this year, they can’t start growing. Which means even longer that we have to look at the chain link and mud pit mess in the back yard. And wouldn’t it be so much nicer to look at flowers?

Yes, I think it would.

Sit back, and relax


We pretty much live outdoors most of the year, so it was about time we upgraded our ripped camp chairs to some real patio furniture. I’ve been picky, but it was Craig who actually came across this great set.

Simple, classic, and white. Because we have had really great luck with white in the past and thought this will stay clean without any trouble.

I can’t say it was a bargain exactly, but it looks really cool. And seriously, a Landscape Architect needs to have a totally awesome yard. I wouldn’t have any credibility if I didn’t, right? So step one, check. Now I just need a few thousand dollars worth of plants and a few more thousand for stone and we will have a nice start…

I spy…


…a little brown bunny. Do you see him? He’s very tiny, no bigger than a chipmunk.

Now do you see the patches of bare dirt? No, not out awful, patchy lawn, but the bare dirt in the flower bed to the left.

That is where little bunny, who is no bigger than a chipmunk, ate up all three of my beautiful Purple Palace Coral Bells.

Maybe his Momma helped him.

Spring Cleaning


Would you believe there are 1042 Sweet Gum balls in this wheelbarrow? And that’s just after I thought to count them. And this is the second time this year I have cleaned them up, and the tree is still chock full of them.

The only thought I will offer on the matter is that it is a real shame that squirrels do not eat Sweet Gum balls, preferring instead my tulip blooms.