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(yet another) One of those Days


It’s safe to say that we have had a few rough weeks around here.  I know everything is a stage, but it does seem like the new stages are incrementally worse than what we’ve left behind.  After a particularly exasperating day with Leah, I headed out the door as soon as Craig got home to indulge in some…grocery shopping. To clear my head and brighten my mood.  And I was feeling pretty down so I filled the cart with blueberries, a new tea variety, artisanal lettuce, and about 1.5 ounces of Jelly Bellies.  While I was checking out, the lady next to me unloaded the contents of her cart: a 2 liter of coke, 6 individual Haagen Daaz ice creams, and a People Magazine.

I was instantly filled with regret over the inadequacy of my stress-food selection.  I decided I would go to McDonald’s and get a giant fry to drown my stress in grease but the drive through lane was insane so I returned home with my purchases, and guess what?  Leah was still awake.  And she was still in the midst of her day-long tantrum. And she neeeeeeded MOOOOOOM.

Sanity Break FAIL.




Lately, I’ve had some completely unrealistic ideas about what I’m going to accomplish in any given day.  Etsy shop items are not finished, neither are Christmas gifts, blog posts are unwritten, nothing in the house has been remodeled or painted or heck, even dusted, and even giving my son a quick haircut turned into a complete fiasco that involved hair being blown all over my bedroom with a blow dryer, Thing 2 coating herself and the shower in a thick, greasy cream, a bath where a potty chair was added to the tub and the floor soaked, and ending with Thing 2 painting her legs and window sill with purple glitter polish.  Let’s just say we didn’t make it to the park that morning.  These guys are just so much WORK.  I thought as they got older they would be a wee bit more self sufficient?  Well, I’m still waiting for that day but in the meantime we do have a good deal of fun around here in the midst of all the chaos.

I have been sneaking away a bit as well for some fun Quilt Guild activities.  A few weeks ago we have an all day sewing retreat and I blazed through a stack of unfinished projects. Not really, but I did have fun and was able to photograph my newest quilt finish. (Stay tuned).  Then, this past Sunday was an amazing product photography workshop with Lauren, and I am feeling really inspired to re-photograph all the items for my Etsy shop.  (See unrealistic goals, above.)  I’ve also become convinced to shoot in RAW format instead of j-pegs, just don’t tell my brother because he tried to convince me of this a few months ago and I totally blew him off.   I will share a few images from the day, this is one of the projects I completed at the sewing retreat- which is going to end up under someone’s tree and don’t you wish it were yours? I wish it were for me!


And we didn’t talk about this at the workshop, but I just feel compelled to throw this out there on behalf of all of my photographer friends and beginning amateurs like myself… camera’s DON’T take good photos, people do.  Sure, good equipment is a benefit but you are doing the photographer a great disservice with comments like “Your camera takes good photos.” Most camera are capable of crappy photos too, no matter how nice they are.  You have to learn to use what you’ve got, whether it be your i-phone or point and shoot, or $5000 DSLR.  Anyways, just needed to get that off my chest.

Pictures of the latest quilt to come soon! (Again, see unrealistic ideas, above.)

Can I still call her my baby??


Leah turned two on Saturday, and we had a very fun party to celebrate our beautiful, happy girl.  I love this little girl with all my heart and to the depths of my soul.  I love having her snuggle into me, with her little arms wrapped tightly around me.  I love how she calls me “mama”, especially when she pops out from a closet with a roar and gleefully proclaims “I scare mama!!!” I love how she smiles and talks to every single person we meet, and tells EVERYONE “Bye!!” at least 5 or 6 times whenever we leave.  She is happy-go-lucky, sweet, loving, and a joy to parent.  Even her “no!” is cute at this age, though I know that will change quickly in this coming year.  I am so glad God sent us this sweet child to be ours, she is such a blessing.

More Sewing for Leah


First off, I have a picture of Leah in the dress I made her. She loves it, and it really does look sweet on her. We never made it to church by the way, but we came close.  Not sure that counts for much.

Doesn’t it look like they love each other?


Because the moon and the stars have aligned, I have pictures of the other two projects that I wanted to share.

First up is a dress/halter top with loads of ruffles.  I bought the fabric at Joann’s for $2/yard and the pattern is from a book, “Little Girls, Big Style” by Mary Abreu. The clothes are definitely frilly, but Leah seems to like that.  She was very proud to show off her dress and whenever anyone commented on it she proudly patted and her dress and said “Mom!”  Aw, it’s pretty heart-warming that she is giving me credit.  Love that girl so much!

The second dress was inspired by a super soft t-shirt I found at the Gap Outlet for $4.  It was a men’s XXL and I figured I could find a way to make it into something for Leah.  I cut out the shirt in a t-shirt dress shape, using another dress as a guide, and saved the original neckline.  I used a blind hem stitch for the bottom hem (thank you Bernina Mastery Class!) and then freezer paper stenciled the heart.

Not terrible for my first blind hem on knits!

It was quick and easy, and so cute if I do say so myself.  I think I’m addicted to sewing for her, she seems to love everything I make her and I won’t lie, the compliments when we are out and about aren’t half bad either.  How long do I have until she have her own ideas about what to wear? Not long enough, so I better stay busy while I can!

Sewing for Leah


It’s high time I shared some pictures of the clothes I have been sewing lately, but unfortunately I am currently under contract negotiations with my model, who has refused to have her hair styled for the photo-shoot.  So far I have been unable to draw up acceptable terms and we are at a bit of a standstill. Showing off clothing without a model is a little bit tough, but I’m going to give it a try on two items, and hopefully will show you the third someday, as it looks like a sad pile of ruffles without a chubby body to fill it out.

Back in January, my friend Claire sent me a sweet surprise that involved fabric for sewing projects.  My quilt stash is getting out of hand, so I immediately knew I would pick out some fabric to make Leah sundresses and tops for this summer.  I bought larger cuts and nicer fabric than I usually go for and have had so much fun trying out some new things.

First up, a sweet shirred halter sundress made of the most gorgeous voile by Anna Maria Horner.  I’m not exaggerating a bit here, Anna Maria has fabulous voile.  It is so soft and breezy and the colors are amazing. I didn’t use a pattern for this dress, I guessed on the length using her other clothing as a guide, and I doubled her chest measurement to give room for the shirring.  I added some spaghetti straps and it was done.  Quick, easy, and it looks so sweet on Leah.  I guess you’ll have to trust me on that one.

The next thing I finished was a summer top.  I used Amy Butler’s Lark for this one, and a pattern that I bought from Etsy called the Maya Top.  I made Leah a top from this pattern before, using a nine month size but I forgot to pre-shrink the fabric and one wash it turned into about a 0-3M size.  This time, I pre-shrunk the fabric. I used my elastic thread at the neck but left the arms and bodice alone.  The entire top took maybe two hours max and Leah has worn it multiple times already.  It’s super simple and looks fabulous with dark jeans.  Truthfully, I’m wishing I had enough fabric to make an adult sized top as I really love how it looks on her.

Next up, I have a birthday outfit to sew for Leah that is going to involve some ruffles and bows, and maybe even some piping.  Time to put my mastery skills to the test!  And Devan has pointed out that now that I’ve learned how to really sew, I can make some church pants for him.  I’m pretty sure I could make him some pajama pants, but I’m not sure I am to the church pants level yet so I haven’t made any promises!

Almost There


We had a very nice Christmas. Devan didn’t get the ipad that he asked Santa for, but I let him know I had written Santa to say he was too young for an ipad.  Devan was rather irritated with me, but still believes in Santa. So that’s good.

The Christmas Eve service was beautiful, though Leah wouldn’t know as she was out roaming the hallways with her Grandpa and Uncle.  She LOVED her pretty Christmas dress and shoes- definitely a girly girl.  She even cried when I took off her dress to put on her pjs. I think I’m going to have fun sewing for her this summer!

Devan managed to sleep in until 7 am on Christmas morning. Woo-hoo!!  Kids aren’t known for being the most polite present-openers in the world, so I guess it seems like overall they did fairly good.  Leah is not at the age that she really cares about the opening, she just wanted to play amidst the chaos.  Devan loved his presents. I would share pictures but our camera battery died on Christmas Eve-it has remarkable timing like that.

We all needed an unwinding today and the kids had fun trashing the house and scattering their new toys everywhere. We took advantage of the mild weather and even went for a walk. It felt nice, and so normal. I am officially a walking disaster though, as I took a spill down our wooden stairs today while holding Leah.  She’s fine, I turned my ankle and banged up my back. Because of course I did!

Two more days.