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The crazy week


A lot has happened in the past week, its just been nuts.  As the news spread that I am leaving my job, I was flooded by supportive messages and e-mails, and I’m just now finished with replying to everyone.  The unanimous consensus seems to be that this was a good move.  Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot! This is a tough thing for me, but I know the rewards are many.

So, Thursday I was able to meet one of my quilting idols, Denyse Schmidt.  Not only that, I was able to ask her questions.  AND, I was a dork and asked to take my picture with her. Image

You can bet I’m printing this one our for my sewing room wall.  I LOVE her new book, I love her fabrics, and she was so incredibly nice.  Thursday was fun.

Friday, I spent a few hours at the doctors getting another rhuematology panel, switching out medications, and getting four steroid shots in my elbows. My left hand was numb for over an hour. That was not fun.  But, the shots made a huge difference in my pain level and I felt like a new person on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the medication changes are causing some massive insomnia but hopefully that will be short-lived.  Instead of treating muscle pain, we are trying meds geared for joint and nerve pain. They do seem to be taking the edge off and I’m hopeful this nasty flare is going to start to fade.

Saturday I was in a fabulous mood and thought the perfect thing to do with my new elbows is to work on quilting.  Might as well get my use out of them right?  Well, I am actually starting to learn a bit about pacing myself and made myself quit before anything started to hurt.  Pacing is a good skill to have.  I’m working on it.

Saturday night was FABULOUS as International Quilt Market was in KC this year and all of us in the KCMQG got to spend the evening sharing company with designers, shop owners, and famous bloggers at the Modern Meet-up.  And, I came home with a bunch of swag. You can’t beat that, and now I am super pumped for QuiltCon in Austin next year. I stood in the same room as Amy Butler.  I did not say hi, I was too star-struck.

Sunday, following church was headed off to Garmin’s Worlds of Fun day, where the entire park is reserved for Garmin employees and thousands of their closet friends.  For the first time in years, it did not rain nor was it freezing cold, nor was I pregnant.  Plus, the kids behaved.  We had a lot more fun than either Craig or I expected and discovered that little Leah is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to rides.  She went on EVERYTHING and loved to put her little arms in the air and yell “Yay!” like all the big kids were doing. We could hardly pry her off the roller coaster.  It was a blast.


High in the air spinning around at top speeds? Bring it on!


This ride was a little tame, even for Mom.

And whew, am I tired.  You could chalk that up to emotional stress, or physical exhaustion, or the fact that I don’t fall asleep until 2am. Who knows, but I know I am ready for that nice vacation next week at Big Cedar.  My last day of work is tomorrow, and I am dreading it. In fact, I’m still home typing this blog post because I don’t want to face the task of cleaning out my space and files. This is really happening, I really left my job.  It is starting to seem very real.


Rough start to the morning, so I am hanging out at home drinking tea and waiting to feel a little better so I can go in to work.  In the meantime, I’ve been a very lazy and absent blogger, so how about I continue the trend by posting a bunch of photos and calling it good for the week? Alright then.

This, my friends, is the life.

Jenny came to visit and Devan took it upon himself to give her a personal tour of our yard. Like mother, like son.

Debbie and the kiddos. So thankful for her loving care the past three years!

Cousin Jessica and Annabelle came to visit for the weekend, so we took them to Deanna Rose. Annabelle loved the animals.


Annabelle is two. Devan is four and a half.

Annabelle and the baby goats

Easter Egg hunt in the rain Saturday morning.

The girls ate all of their candy in about 5 minutes flat.

Our little Easter Bunny

What a smile.

Happy Easter!

Photo dump



 So, I’m a week late on Halloween pictures but this is for the book, so you’ll have to indulge me.  The weather was perfect and the kids had an amazing time, and I’ve been eating their chocolate ever since.

Our cowboy and his faithful Steed
He sure was excited
Leah rode in the wagon, but wanted out at every house and quickly caught on to the idea of begging candy. 
She couldn’t resist trying on the cowboy hat
Devan drew the face himself, he is so proud of his jack-o-lantern!

30th Birthday


 My 30th Birthday Party was last Saturday, which makes the post fairly old and irrelevant.  I’ve been 30 forever now.  So what to say? I had a pretty great time.  I LOVED St. Johns, it was the perfect size for the group we had, and such a fun vibe.

We’ll have to come up with an excuse to throw another party there in the future because the night felt like it was over before it began. I managed to bowl three games that I kept track of, and one of those scores wasn’t totally embarassing.  Eric had the high score of the night with 187. 

It was hard to find pictures to post because Craig was the designated photographer and 90% of the pictures were “action shots”, i.e.- people’s butts. So to all my lovely, friends and family and coworkers- thank you for an awesome night, and I won’t embarrass you on the blog without your permission. Can’t promise they won’t show up on Facebook though.  Anyways, here a a few of the non-embarrassing photos from the night:

Can you see Leah’s black feet?
“Make sure you don’t get my socks” says Me.  “Okay!” says Craig.  Thanks, husband.

One of the few balls that made it all the way down.
Devan had a blast. But he really, really needed bumpers.  Thanks Grandpa for being the designated ball fetcher!
Craig’s family.  He won’t be thrilled I posted this one, but it is payback for the socks.

In related news, I’ve probably gained at least 5 pounds this past week from all of the gluten free beer and baked goods I’ve been consuming, you all certainly know how to make me feel loved.  I had GF beer and cake as my dinner at least twice this past week.  It’s my “birthday week”, it’s allowed. 

Next up, another quilt.  Because in the midst of stuffing my face and working overtime and keeping our garden alive I managed to get this one done, just in time. 

Marty Pool


We’ve been spending our pool time in our backyard, which is easy and cheap, but Devan was ready for some “real” pool time.  Instead of heading to our neighborhood pool, which is two blocks away and one of the biggest pools in OVP, we hopped on the highway and headed over to Marty Pool- which is smaller, and absolutely AWESOME for families.  There is lawn area, plenty of shade, a large baby pool with lots of water jets and sprayers and a slide, a giant sand play area, and a zero entry 3′ pool with jets and a cool little slide.

And, it was not at all crowded.  We just heard on the news this morning it is the second lowest attended pool in OVP.  I have no idea why, this pool rocks for young kids.

Baby + Quilts = Love

This post isn’t exactly timely, but I wanted to share the photos that document Leah’s first year.  In each picture I used a quilt that I have made (or in Month 5, a very special quilt that my grandmother made.)  It was fun to watch her grow over the months and also share the pictures at her party.  And when I get around to it at some point, I am going to hang them all in her nursery.  Which really isn’t a nursery so much now as it is a room for my sweet little baby.
(Some of the pictures are better than others, and yes, I realize month 9 is temporarily missing.  Darn blogger!)

Hot husband, sweet kids.


That’s what I’ve decided I have when I saw our family pictures the other day.

This past Saturday I dressed everyone up in our nice clothes (matching at least) and we all sweated through a little photo shoot out in the nasty humidity and 98 degree heat index.  I was sure it would take no small amount of editing to get rid of our sweaty foreheads, red cheeks, and wet hair but when I saw the final pictures it just looks like we were out enjoying a beautiful, cool autumn day.

I had originally scheduled this last September but I am so glad we decided to wait and do it when Leah was a year old.  I couldn’t be happier with her pictures and thought I would share a few of my favorites, though it was so hard to choose!

First, my adorable almost one year old:

She gives fish kisses!

 And then the whole family:

My handsome guys.

We weren’t sweating! Not at all!

 And finally, the best one of them all which I love from the bottom of my heart:

What a lucky girl I am.