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A few random thoughts and a few favorite things


I’ve been writing lots of funny, inspiration, touching, and profound blog posts… in my head, when I’m trying to get to sleep.  I have a feeling they wouldn’t be nearly as impressive if I actually committed the words to type at 11pm, so I’ll just continue to be impressed with my ability in my head.  As for an actual blog post, I’m afraid you will be stuck with the rather unimpressive ramblings that are on my mind this morning, I will apologize in advance.

I had a rather gory run-in with my sewing machine yesterday, snapping off a needle in my finger as I was free motion quilting.  There were tiny bits of bone fragments in the blood that was oozing out, and it hurts way more that what I think it should, given how small a needle is.  Thankfully, the injury is on the side of my finger so life will go on.  I will never understand how so many advocate a glass of wine while quilting, I can only imagine the disaster that would result if I tried such a thing.

We have been pounded with snow.  I wasn’t very impressed when the forecasters said last week that it will be the worst snowstorm in two years.  They are usually rather skilled at whipping up a frenzy over nothing, so given that we barely had a winter last year the threat seemed small.  As it turns out, it’s probably the largest snowstorm in my memory once all is said and done, and I think we are going to be stuck with piles of the stuff for weeks.  There is no way we can get out on the deck, and Craig has had his fill of shoveling the driveway.  However,  I am glad I purchased the kids snow gear on sale last year, just in case.  They love this mess!!


How about some random favorites now?

1. Brookside Dark Chocolate and fruit.  These come in multiple flavors and are the best sweet treat EVER.  You HAVE to try them.  I find them at the local Hen House, but I think I’ve also seen them at Trader Joe’s.

2. SHADE clothing.  Have I mentioned this before?  They have great basics that are made well, and killer sales, plus free shipping!  I almost hate to give away my secret, but the deals are too good not to share.

3. Lego Friends.  If you have a young girl, these are so awesome.  Leah is too young for Legos so I’ve been buying them for myself.  We love Lego night at our house!

4.  Pinterest.  Why did I wait so long to join?  Pinterest is the best!!  I’m guessing my fellow pinners have begin to notice my obsession with bunnies.  Thanks to Pinterest, I’ve discovered there is a island in Japan that is full of wild yet friendly rabbits.  Herds of rabbits.  I searched ‘rabbit island’ on youtube and spent an inordinate amount of time watching bunny videos last night.  Thank you pinterest for being such an enjoyable time-waster!

That’s it for now, I’m off to entertain my stir-crazy kids with some pinterest inspired crafting…


I am Here.


As it turns out, drinking a tall mocha latte at noon makes taking a nice, long afternoon nap all but impossible.  In fact, it makes taking any nap at all impossible, try as I might.  So I figured perhaps it is time to update the ‘ol blog.  Heck, it’s been so long I had forgotten our wordpress password.  I didn’t figure anyone was even still out there but it sounds like there is indeed a small and loyal audience who enjoys the minutia of our lives.

So, where have I been?  In December, I was sewing my hiney off.  In January, I’ve pretty much felt like total crap.  I suppose on the overall crap scale of all the crapiness I’ve felt at one point or another my life, this probably isn’t all that bad.  But I’ve had five migraines this month and a “fibro flare” that has made most daily tasks painful and exhausting.  So I haven’t done much of anything worth writing about, except for online shopping binges, pinning loads of cute bunny pictures on pinterest, and playing lots of Bingo Blitz.  (I’m level 47 now.  That’s almost halfway to level 100, which if you aren’t familiar with the game, means you are awarded complete nerdy loser status.)

I have a couple quilts to show off (or you could just travel over to flickr) and a few in the works.  We moved Leah to a queen bed so I now have the entire attic bedroom for use as a studio!  Devan and I built a table using chairs we found in the attic and an old closet door because we are super creative.  And super cheap.  And super impatient.

Well then, that is it.  Consider yourself caught up, because I’m considering myself caught up on the blog.  I’ll try to get back in the habit, even as my friends abandon their blogs in droves (losers) because I know one day I will thank me when I can’t remember these days.  And also, because Just South of Sanity Volume 4 is going to be a pretty quick read if I I don’t.

The minutia of our lives


Wow, I’ve been a slacker, have I not?  Actually, I haven’t been.  I’ve been busy with the kids, and busy with friends, busy with weddings and showers galore, busy getting hundreds of items ready for consignment season, and really busy with my Etsy shop “hobby.”  My goal is to have the shop stocked with more than 50 handmade items by the end of the year.  I’ve got a ways to go, but I’m working hard.  Need the link again? Of course you do!

My Super Fabulous Totally Awesome Etsy Shop

I have quilts in my shop that I’m not planning to feature on the blog, so please do check it out once in awhile.  I would add a link to the sidebar but I have the free version of wordpress and it wants to spite me in my desire.

So, this summer has been good.  I’ve been feeling okay.  I’ve been thrilled with my new migraine medicine, and the new diet has been helpful to a point.  I have LOVED spending time with the kids, but I am also VERY ready for Devan to head to preschool.  He needs more action in his life.

Also, an interesting note: a few weeks ago we went biking as a family and stopped at a playground for a break and by chance ran into kids that Devan and Leah were in daycare with.  Huge coincidence, but the surprising thing is we learned that after 20 years in childcare, our daycare provider had closed down her business and turned in her provider license.  This is huge for us in three ways:

1.  I would have had to leave my job.  There is not hourly care readily available in JoCo, and I would not have been able to switch the kids into full time care and keep up with that.  So, validation for my decision this past May.

2. I have no emergency care.  It shifts the burden to Craig when I have a migraine, or the flu, or god knows whatever else might happen to me.  Also, no more monthly (paid)  “breaks” just for my sanity.  WAAAAHHHHHH!!!

3. I’m not going to QuiltCon.  WAAAHHHHHH!!  Well, it was a nice dream.  Luckily, our guild is super fabulous and we have a steady stream of awesome workshops and guest speakers.  So I’ll save my money, go hear Denyse Schmidt talk, and take workshops about photography and free motion quilting from our uber-talented members.  Who wants to go to Austin in February anyways.  Okay, I did.





So the little incident with the fireman and the ambulance provided a kick in the pants to get my heiny back in to the doctors and look at the next step. I’ve avoided it since they did exactly what I thought they would do- put me on an elimination diet.  I can eat grass and drink water.  Not really, but I do have to cut out diary (this means butter and chocolate, sob!), gluten (done.), corn, tomatoes (I’m sort of ignoring this one, don’t tell.) eggs, red meat, soy, and refined sugar.  I’m also doing a little “detox” which isn’t so bad considering the nutritional shakes taste like chocolate.  Surprisingly, I’ve had the willpower to see this through so far. I suppose I’ve already learned you can give up your favorite foods and still have a good life.  Guess I can do it again.  All of it isn’t forever, though everyone I’ve seen seems to think dairy/casein is the root cause of the inflammation and every other thing wrong with me lately.  I suspect this might true, and if it turns out to be true I may need a slight pity party as my diet narrows again.  But if it rids me of this awful pain and nasty headaches and stomach problems and fatigue and etc., etc., then I will do it, and I will do it happily.  Eventually.

In the meantime other exciting things have been happening.  Such as, I’m another year older.  Okay, that really wasn’t all that exciting.  I went grocery shopping and received zero presents.  Devan was completely uninterested in even making a card and Craig claims my gift is in the mail.  Sure it is.  Of course, he never gets anything good from me so I can’t give him too hard of a time.   And now I can’t have cake OR ice cream so what is the point, really? (Oopsie, complaining about that diet again.) Well, let’s hope this next year is less eventful that the last one.  That has been my wish for the last few years! A nice, boring, uneventful year.  And in case you are worried that I had a bad birthday, I totally didn’t.  It was fabulous and we are going to get the chance to celebrate with a few dinners this week.  I like to string out the celebration for a full week and act like a diva around the house.

Now for something TRULY exciting- I am opening an Etsy shop!  In two weeks, if everything comes together.  I’ve been sewing like a mad woman and can’t wait to show off my products.  I gave this a lot of thought, I’ve been thinking about it for years but I feel for the first time I actually have enough free time to make it happen.  That, and Craig hacked my fabric budget to practically nothing when I quit my job.  He seems to think food and 529 plans are more important than my fabric hoarding habit.  So, an Etsy shop it is. I’ll share more about it soon!

Otherwise, we are staying plenty busy with summer crafts, lots and lots of pool time, and some serious train building.  You couldn’t pay me to watch an episode of Thomas the Train but the Trackmaster sets are awesome! I have as much fun as Devan and Leah.  Playtime is fun.  I love being home with the kiddos, just wish I had the energy to give them more of myself.  Someday soon, hopefully!



The crazy week


A lot has happened in the past week, its just been nuts.  As the news spread that I am leaving my job, I was flooded by supportive messages and e-mails, and I’m just now finished with replying to everyone.  The unanimous consensus seems to be that this was a good move.  Thank you for your encouragement, it means a lot! This is a tough thing for me, but I know the rewards are many.

So, Thursday I was able to meet one of my quilting idols, Denyse Schmidt.  Not only that, I was able to ask her questions.  AND, I was a dork and asked to take my picture with her. Image

You can bet I’m printing this one our for my sewing room wall.  I LOVE her new book, I love her fabrics, and she was so incredibly nice.  Thursday was fun.

Friday, I spent a few hours at the doctors getting another rhuematology panel, switching out medications, and getting four steroid shots in my elbows. My left hand was numb for over an hour. That was not fun.  But, the shots made a huge difference in my pain level and I felt like a new person on Saturday.  Unfortunately, the medication changes are causing some massive insomnia but hopefully that will be short-lived.  Instead of treating muscle pain, we are trying meds geared for joint and nerve pain. They do seem to be taking the edge off and I’m hopeful this nasty flare is going to start to fade.

Saturday I was in a fabulous mood and thought the perfect thing to do with my new elbows is to work on quilting.  Might as well get my use out of them right?  Well, I am actually starting to learn a bit about pacing myself and made myself quit before anything started to hurt.  Pacing is a good skill to have.  I’m working on it.

Saturday night was FABULOUS as International Quilt Market was in KC this year and all of us in the KCMQG got to spend the evening sharing company with designers, shop owners, and famous bloggers at the Modern Meet-up.  And, I came home with a bunch of swag. You can’t beat that, and now I am super pumped for QuiltCon in Austin next year. I stood in the same room as Amy Butler.  I did not say hi, I was too star-struck.

Sunday, following church was headed off to Garmin’s Worlds of Fun day, where the entire park is reserved for Garmin employees and thousands of their closet friends.  For the first time in years, it did not rain nor was it freezing cold, nor was I pregnant.  Plus, the kids behaved.  We had a lot more fun than either Craig or I expected and discovered that little Leah is a bit of a daredevil when it comes to rides.  She went on EVERYTHING and loved to put her little arms in the air and yell “Yay!” like all the big kids were doing. We could hardly pry her off the roller coaster.  It was a blast.


High in the air spinning around at top speeds? Bring it on!


This ride was a little tame, even for Mom.

And whew, am I tired.  You could chalk that up to emotional stress, or physical exhaustion, or the fact that I don’t fall asleep until 2am. Who knows, but I know I am ready for that nice vacation next week at Big Cedar.  My last day of work is tomorrow, and I am dreading it. In fact, I’m still home typing this blog post because I don’t want to face the task of cleaning out my space and files. This is really happening, I really left my job.  It is starting to seem very real.

Things I know to be true


(Disclaimer: just because I know them to be true, does not necessarily mean that they are true.)

1. In a family with two children, only one child can behave at a time. 

2. We are busiest at work over the winter holidays, when the weather is breathtakingly gorgeous, and whenever I would like to take vacation.

3.  Despite my best attempts at polite education, everyone still believes I am outside all day putting plants in the ground.  To be fair, I don’t have a clue what most other people do either.

4. Craig’s job is boring. At least to me.

5. Today’s PG movies are the PG-13’s of my childhood. 

6. Spud of Bob the Builder is the most annoying tv character in the history of tv characters.

7. I spend too much money on fabric.  It is a true addiction.

8.  I do need more fabric.

9. Craig and I need a date, badly.  Still waiting to make up our anniversary (Jan 3rd.) 

10. My cousin Jo believes Jeep strollers suck and Mazda’s are good cars to buy.  I respectfully disagree, our Jeep stroller is awesome and our Mazda is a POS.  Don’t tell her I said that.

11. I have forgotten what it is really like to have a newborn.  This must be nature’s way of tricking women into further procreation.

12. Rest assured, when I get baby fever, we will be getting a dog.  Or a fish.  End of story.

13. Thirteen is not an unlucky number for me.

14.  I should get back to grading this site for the bazillonth time instead of writing this stupid post.

15. Bazillionth is not a word, and if I really have to be truthful, it’s only about the seventh try grading this flat-as-a -pancake site. 

16. If you are the only house in the neighborhood without a dog, all of the rabbits will live in your yard.

17.  The postman only comes early when you haven’t put out your Netflix yet.  Otherwise, 5:30pm.

18. From May-December, all of the days are actually compressed and the last 7 months of the year will pass by quickly than the first 5.  This IS true, believe me.

19.  If I want to buy more fabric, I need to work more hours to pay for it.  Therefore, I need to stop blathering on about nonsense and get back to work.

20. I want to buy more fabric.




Some thoughts for a Monday afternoon


I would get a lot more quilting done if there weren’t a bed in my sewing room.  A bed with lots of poofy comforters and pillows.  A bed that is bathed in sunlight every afternoon.  A bed that calls to me…SLEEEEEP now, quilt later.

Devan has gunky pink-eye and Leah has noxious diarrhea.  Trying to keep the two segregated and keep everyone’s hands washed is wearing me out.  And I’ve washed my own hands with anti-bacterial soap so many times they are going to crack.  I scrubbed all the bathrooms, lysoled the house, and then took a nice, relaxing shower.

Leah learned the words “NO!” and “Miiiiiiiiiiiine!” at the same time.  It’s pretty much all we’ve heard the past week.  She is also fascinted with her toes, and spents an enternity removing imaginary lint from between them.  She’s weird, but I love her.

I finally got that haircut I’ve been needing.  It didn’t hurt, you can’t see the scar one bit, and my hairstylist wanted to know all of the gory details from the surgery.  I told her that she was weird and that most people don’t like talking about that.  She said from her experience, most people LOVE talking about the gory details.

Am I the only one who switched off the super close Superbowl game in order to watch the next episode of Downton Abbey?  Probably so, but I HAD to know what happens next.  Will Mary marry Sir Richard?  Will Matthew walk again?  Is Patrick for real?  Both kids are in bed at 7:59 sharp so that I can make my tea and watch my favorite show.

I am so glad that I am 30, so that I can fully embrace my nerdiness.