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What’s in a Name?


This time last month I was doing some brain-storming. I knew I wanted to open my own fabric shop, but I wasn’t quite sure what to name it. What would be descriptive, and memorable, and stand out from the crowd? I came up with many, many clever puns on the words “sewing”, “quilting”, and “fabric” but guess what? It’s all been done before. No matter what I dreamed up, someone else had beat me to it. Well drastic times call for drastic measures, or at least some foriegn language. Spanish? Can’t speak it. French? I was always terrible at French. German? Nicht, sounds too gutteral. Well, Italian it is then.

I’d like to introduce you to my shop, Cucire.

Q-What? , my husband asked dubiously. That’s impossible to pronounce.

Yes, so it is. A true Italian would likely say something along the lines of “coo-CHEER-uh” with a nice, long rolled R sound. My daughter says Coochie. The word looks like you would say, “Q-sear-A”. Sure, that’s fine! It’s all okay, because you can prononuce it whichever way you may like. However you say it, you’ll probably remember that little shop with the ridiculous name. At least that is what I am hoping. As for meaning, Cucire simply means “to sew.” There you have it!

I spent a semester in Italy, and it was one of the highlights of my life. Italians know a little something about fashion, and they know a little something about quality. I think it is the perfect inspiration for my little shop.
I intend to carry fabrics with a modern flair geared for sewing of all types. There will be quilting cottons, mostly solids, but a lot of voiles and knits as well. I am also carrying high quality threads and needles, and am working on stocking matching threads for each of the fabrics I have listed. That piece of the store is a work in progress. I have some King Tut threads in stock, and have Aurifil threads and fun thread kits on the way. There is also a section of the shop devoted to sewing notions and tools. I’m starting out small both by design and necessity, but I’m planning on ‘biggering and biggering and biggering’, as the Onceler would say.

I literally have boxes showing up daily, and I love it. I’ll love it even more when our renovation is done and all of the merchandise doesn’t have to live in our dining room. All in good time, I know!

It’s exciting, and scary, and overhwleming all together. I have a feeling I will be stalking my Etsy stats for a few days with more that a little nervousness. I hope you all like what I have put together, and I would definitely welcome your support as I try and get this little venture up and running. Even if you don’t sew, you can help me out tremendously by sharing my shop with your sewist friends and relatives. I’m not going to do any formal marketing until I have a bit more stock on hand, so any word of mouth help here at the start would mean to world to me. I have the cutest darn business cards you have ever seen (promise!) and I would love to share a few with you. For all of my potential customers, I want you to know I will do everything I can to earn and keep your business. I want to provide a service that is useful and helpful, and if I get it wrong, I want to know. I’m going to work hard for you!

I think that’s it. It’s a big day tomorrow. Wish me Luck.

(Want to know a little secret? The shop is actually already open, for ease of arranging listings. Take a peak if you would like. . Bookmark and favorite and purchase away!!!)

(One more little secret while I’m at it, use code “LOCAL” at checkout if you would like to pick up your order, or ‘KCMQG’ if you want me to hand deliever to the meeting and the shipping charges will magically dissapear! These codes will work forever, or at least until 2016.)


The Birth of a Business


Remember that little post where I declared that my goal for 2013 was mediocrity? I know some of you do. It appears that I have pushed mediocrity to the back burner in favor of pure chaos. (Who adopts a dog and a cat at the same time?). But I must thrive in chaos because I have never been happier. I left my job last May, a gut-wrenching decision that left me deflated. I’ve grown to love being home with the kids more than I ever would have expected, but a part of me has felt restless. The migraines and ‘fibro-flares’ have made it abundantly clear that I would not be returning to a desk job anytime soon, so it became time to dream some new dreams.

I decided to dream big.

I am going into business. And the best possible kind of business, in my opinion, the fabric business. Judging by the leaning towers of bins in my sewing room, one could correctly surmise that I love fabric even more than I love sewing. And I LOVE sewing. The thought of being permanetly surrounded by bolts of gorgeous fabric leaves me giddy with happiness!

I will be sure to share more details in the coming weeks, such as the name of my business and the itmes I plan to stock. The shop will be geared towards the garment sewist, but many of these substrates make wonderful quilts as well. I am starting out on Etsy as I am familiar with the interface and it takes awhile to build a website and a customer base. We are busy on the home front tearing apart the house to accomadate this new venture (I’m adding new projects seemingly by the hour), and it is thrilling to watch it all come together! Boxes of inventory will start to arrive this week, and I hope to be up and running by the beginning of May!

Three cheers for happy chaos!!

A family in need of prayer


I need a little favor, or maybe it’s a big favor.  You know I’ve struggled with faith a lot over the past few years and the more I’ve read and sought truth, the harder I find it to believe in the faith of my childhood. It’s a journey of discovery that leaves me with more and more questions and fewer answers than I would like. But I know most of you do believe, and most of you have prayed for me during times that are really hard and I’m so thankful for that.  I’ve been offering up fervent prayers myself lately, the kind that I haven’t prayed since I was diagnosed with that darn tumor. 

You see, my dear friend Kristy just delivered a beautiful set of twins last Wednesday.  A boy and a girl, Jude and Maria.  These two sweeties were due on July 4th.  They were born at 25 weeks, micro preemies that have a long fight ahead of them.  Kristy and her husband have faced more hardship in the past ten years than most will ever face in a lifetime, and have shown such remarkable strength and grace.  Kristy has been a HUGE inspiration to me and I love her dear family so much.

My prayer for them is that have more good days than bad days, that these little twins continue to grow stronger and healthier, and that their family of five will be blessed.  That the doctors and nurses will take excellent care of these sweet little babies. That Kristy and Jeremiah with find strength in the love of their family and friends, and know that even complete strangers are thinking of them and praying for them. 

If you can do this for me, and for them, I would be so grateful. 

In Praise of Mediocrity


I’m not telling most of you anything you don’t already know, but I’m a fairly ‘Type A’ person.  From an early age, I’ve had this internal drive that makes me strive to do everything the best.  Not the best compared to others necessarily, but the best I can do.  And it’s not so much wanting to “beat” anyone or win, it’s that I’ve always figured if someone else can do this or achieve that, then I should be able to as well.  I’ve always pushed myself really hard.

This mentality has been at odds with the reality of my life the past few years and I keep finding myself feeling like I’ve failed in one way or another.  Failed to keep up the house like I want, to have a successful career, to be a great stay at home mom, to make all the quilts I’ve wanted to make, to keep my etsy shop full, to have a weed free yard and a dust free house.. the list is endless and exhausting and also, ridiculous. 

So at the end of last year, I made my resolutions for 2013.  And they are fairly different from what you tend to read about in magazines, I can sum it up like this- I resolve to be nothing more than average, and to love it.

  1. To pick up take-out more often and accept that I don’t have to home cook every single meal.
  2. To ENJOY lounging around when I’m exhausted or in pain.
  3. To hit the drive through with the kids when I don’t have great lunch ideas.
  4. To do more cleaning, but to stop wasting time “picking up” as it is pointless.
  5. To stop setting daily achievement goals and just take each day as it comes.
  6. To buy soda once in awhile, and coffee too when I need an energy boost.
  7. To take the medication I need to feel good, and stop worrying so much about the side effects on down the road.  I’ll deal with it when I need to deal with it.
  8. To get down on the floor more with the kids and play. 
  9. But to also teach them that sometimes Mommy needs to rest and they need to be independent.
  10. To stop apologizing for my stress eating.  I love chocolate, and it makes me happy.  Chocolate is good.  Chocolate makes everything better.
  11. Sorry Dave Ramsay, but I’m going to spend what I need to now on convenience items to make life easier, even if it isn’t so great on the budget. 

I’m taking the pressure off, and I’m going to learn how to be more forgiving with myself.  I’m going to learn my limitations and live happily within them. I’m going to be content with my life as is, and treasure all of the good in it.  And so far so good, I’ve been putting this all to practice this past month and I have to say, it feels pretty good.  Now if you will excuse me, I’m off to drink some instant Mocha before I go investigate what on earth the kids have been doing in the basement for the past hour.  Three cheers for mediocrity!!



This counts as my December post


It seems unfortunate to let the year end without at least one post for this month, so here is a post.  I can’t really even attempt to catch up, and I don’t suppose anything earth shattering has happened which is good.  I have been sewing like crazy, and managed to finish 95% of the projects I had planned for Christmas Gifts, the most important being SWOON!!!! which I long-armed on the Saturday before Christmas.  I thrive under pressure, or at least that is my excuse! I’ll post pictures soon for those of you not on Facebook. 

In unrelated news, it was exactly one year ago that I had my face sliced open to remove a 4cm tumor from my parotid gland.  Sure am glad that is behind me as today I have no scar, no loss of feeling, and no numbness.  I do have lots of extra feeling and weird sensations on that side of my face, but I think it is a very small price to pay to have that tumor gone.

Last year, I decided that 2012 would be a good year if I could only stay out of the ER.  And as you probably know, I ended up in the ER at about 8:30 am on January 1st.  I learned from that humbling experience not to make such foolish proclamations for this coming year. 2012 was overall, not too shabby, despite our MANY ER trips, and I have no doubt that 2013 will be even greater. 

My DEEPEST apologies.


I feeling nostalgic the other day and re-reading some blog post from Devan’s baby days and do you know what I noticed?  There are ADS ON MY BLOG.  I don’t know how long they have been there, and they certainly aren’t something that I want to have.  I did a little investigating and turns out that because I am cheap and have a free wordpress blog, they have decided you all will get to view their ads.  I think that is total crap, but then again, I suppose it doesn’t bother me quite enough to pay whatever it is a month to make them disappear.  SO, I am terribly sorry and please don’t think bad of me.  Better yet?  Get google reader or subscribe to feed burner or such and then you will never see another add.  Or my loud background. 

So, so sorry. Free isn’t what it used to be.