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Walk This Way


This past Sunday, Leah woke up and decided that she was going to walk.  And we have taken about 2 dozen videos of her walking, because we could hardly be more excited for her. The first few days she would fall every ten steps or so and just get back up and keep going.  By the end of the day she would be exhausted, falling every 4 steps, but would still get right back up.  Each day since she has gained strength and confidence and today while we were watering our community garden she just took off down the mulch pathways and across the lawn.

So, here is one of the videos of her early, endearingly awkward attempts.  Some things of note:

  • Her gigantic cloth diaper butt is awesome for padding the falls.
  • Leah does an awesome Downward Dog (Too early for Yoga?)
  • I’m sorry for my commentary. I hate hearing my voice on video, surely I don’t really sound like that.
  • However, you do have to listen to it so you can hear Devan’s commentary.
  • Four year olds are weird.

Yay Leah! I am so proud of you! Like any good parent, I think you are about the cutest thing ever and I could hardly love you more.


TWO old!


Devan had a pretty awesome birthday weekend celebration. Lots of family joined us to help him celebrate and we had a blast. He loved all of his presents- he recieved a very special quilt from his great-grandmother Nelson and enjoys a small little (loud) robot dog more than his parents would like. And then he also got this little indoor roller coaster. How ridiculous is that? Talk about spoiled. 🙂 Well, hopefully we aren’t spoiling him but we thought this was perfect for the basement and he seems to love it.

Devan, your Mommy and Daddy love you so much, we think you are amazing and special and we love being your parents!!! Happy Birthday Bud!!!

Half Birthday


Devan is 6 months old today. It’s hard to believe. To celebrate, we are going to take him to the doctor next week for some shots.

There are so many good pictures of him from the past few months, it is hard to choose just a few to post. So how about one from this time last year?

Wow. I’ve heard the saying that when you have children, the days are long but the years are short. I would only correct it to say that the nights are long, but otherwise I’m finding that statement to hold a lot of truth. I can’ really put into words how I feel about Devan and how much he has changed our lives without using all the usual cliches that can’t come close to describing it. He’s just pretty darn special.

So in honor of six months of sharing our lives with this amazing little boy, here is a short video clip that is pretty unextraordinary except for the last half second- where I managed to catch the look of surprise as he yanked apart the arches over his gym, and another half second before he crashes to the ground laughing.

More peas, please


Yes, I look like a dork. And yes, I am making the airplane noise. But despite me, I love this picture because it shows how excited Devan is about peas. That little guy loves his peas.

So a long time ago I read somewhere that Beech Nut makes the best baby food. I can’t remember where I read it, and I’m not even 100% positive it was Beech Nut, but reasonably sure and the thought stuck in my head. Those of you that know me well are probably surprised I am not making my own baby food because I am a bit crunchy granola, and a bit cheap, and I love to cook and hey- I use cloth diapers for goodness sake so you might not expect me to buy mashed bananas in a jar. Well, in the craziness that is our life right now something has to give and that something is making baby food. I’m sure it’s easy. I know it’s more nutritious. But it’s just one more thing to do and I would rather be playing with Devan than pureeing squash. Until we move, his mashed veggies come from a jar. And yes, I feel guilty about that.

But back to the Beech Nut. I’ve been on a mission to find this stuff because if I can’t give him homemade I want him to have the best. Except that I’m not buying the organic because come on, it’s over a dollar a jar. I’ll start my own farm before I pay a over a dollar for a few ounces of mush. Turns out this Beech Nut stuff is a bit hard to find. After trips to the Hy-Vee, Price Chopper, Hen House, and even Wal-Mart yielding nothing but Gerber I hit the internet to find where I could score us some Beech Nut. Well, as it turns out I didn’t have to go far. The local Save-A-Lot down the street is the one grocery store in the entire city to carry this food. In case you are not familiar, Save-A-Lot is easily the scuzziest grocery store in existence. It makes Aldi’s look like Dean and Deluca. And by this point I’m second guessing my memory because perhaps Beech Nut was rated the worst baby food ever. But still, I decided to go ahead and check it out because it is only five minutes away.

So this morning we head out for Save-A-Lot. I will say that every time I have been there I have seen underwear or dirty diapers in the parking lot, and this trip did not disappoint. Dirty undergarmets aside, they did indeed have the baby food and I was happy to find that it is dirt cheap compared to Gerber. And the ingredients were just pure food and water for consistency- no additives or preservatives. Thankfully my memory had served me well. I bought 36 jars and booked it out of there.

And now for you viewing pleasure, the inaugural video post for Just South of Sanity- little Devan getting excited over peas. Just a disclaimer- don’t click play if you have slow internet- it will kill your computer. You will just have to imagine in your mind how darn cute Devan is demanding more pea mush and how dorky his mother sounds in the background.